Are the monsoon…
They fall as
A rain of tempest…
Are an eclipse…
I have a
In my heart…
My lover
Sing a song
Of love to me…
Life is an
Pasture …
Where in the
Waste land
Am I ….
Yes, Camus
Life is
And absurd…
Give me
The strength
To bear my angst….
Time is calypso
On wings …
You are a
Locked in gold…
Charm is
A brothel
Of the mind…
Time sew
A ribbon of luck…
Let me sing
The songs
Of the desert …
You are
A Buddha
Of the heart….
A trope is
A gem of poetry…
Luck you are
Hidden in
A fairy’s wand…
Poems speak
Of adoration
Of the body ….
Time a tempters
Snare …

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