Sleep and Then Awake

Sleep and then awake occurred to me as an idiom when I thought of recollecting a word and meaning and I couldn’t remember them both. The after sometime, I am able to bring it back to memory. In our search words and meanings we encounter a sleep and then awake situation.

Prodigal Son

The parable by Jesus about the Prodigal Son is all too familiar. The prodigal son asks his father for his inheritance and squanders it all on women and wine. And in poverty he returns to the father and queries him to accept him as his servant. The Father quite contrary to popular convention forgives him and accepts him into his household as his very own. Prodigal Son as an idiom means success, jubilation and acceptance after a period of ignominy and destitution. The Prodigal Son is not a Parable but happens in real life. Father of Heaven be a Prodigal Son to me. To be prodigal is a mistake but to become the prodigal son is a victory.