Three Prophetic Dreams

rahul gandhi

The Lord God Jesus Jehovah put me to light sleep and in the sleep he gave me visions: the first was the fate of India: in the vision I saw the Pharaoh of Egypt (the Indian electorate) anointing Rahul Gandhi with fine robes and ornaments. Yes said the Lord: he will become India’s Prime Minister in 2019. He will break the Guinness record of becoming the world’s youngest Prime Minister. The Lord told me that he should trust no one and should be extra cautious about his security.

The second was a song I composed. The Lord told it to teach the children in the school.

The third was a Tom Dick Harry Porter asking me to sell the school. I tell him in crude language to get lost. This is my ancestral land, my inheritance (Abraham’s bequeathed land) which the Lord has given.