This happened in 2016, when I was a teacher in an International School. I had a fondness for a Filipino girl with whom I wanted to fornicate. One day I marked her answer scripts wrongly and I had to face the music. Years went by and there was a period of my life when I was not in Christ and I wanted to do black magic on her so that she will yield to me and bed with me. Today asked God for forgiveness and I asked him to cleanse me with his blood.

The Curse

Once upon a time, I was a wayward person, boozing, doping and whoring. Then I was taken to a pastor: who looked up at me and said: you are a temple priest and you are God’s unwanted’. Today back in Christ, I was discussing this with my spiritual mother and then she exclaimed: ‘gosh, that’s a curse’. She rebuked the curse by the ‘Blood of Christ’. Should pastors become judgmental about people and curse them? Actually Christ came for the sick and the broken. We are living in the grace era and it is our duty to bring souls to the Lord.


After the long reign of Joseph in Egypt Joseph died; a new Pharaoh came to power; he treated the Israelites very harshly and when saw that they were multiplying, he told the Hebrew midwives to kill Israelite children when they were born. The Hebrew midwives disobeyed the law of the Pharaoh. As an idiom a midwife means disobeying the law. We must become midwives to the unjust laws of the country. People who are midwives are rare in society. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were midwives in their societies.

Morning Epiphany

Morn woke up like a hymn. The birds were chanting poetry. Colors enveloped the sky like magic realism. I praise God for this blessed morn. The rhythms of nature are so profoundly fascinating. The birds are gliding in the sky like a gentle opera. The sun is settled now, a peaceful ball of gold.