Apostasy as a traditional meaning means renunciation of faith. For me Apostasy means something else; it’s a visual idiom meaning Christ who had to renounce his body and shed his precious blood on the cross so that we may be saved. For explaining it: let me go a bit into semiotics. In Semiotics: the sign is got two parts: the signifier (a visual tangible idea) and signified (an idea). For example: if we say that Rose is Passion, rose is the signifier and passion the signified. For Derrida, signs in texts privilege some and marginalize others and that he called as binary divide. The cross is a powerful sign an apostasy which when erased also signifies the cross. The cross can never be erased and apostasy is a new figure of speech, a trope in the English Language. By Apostasy (blood shed on the cross) we became not marginalized but privileged citizens to enter heaven. Praise God hallelujah Amen. All glory and honor be to King the Christ the only eternal everlasting God.

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