We all know that Rebecca is the wife of Jacob and she is one who stood with Jacob and cooked tasty meat and covered Jacob’s body with goat’s hair and made Jacob steal the inheritance of his brother from his father. As an idiom Rebecca means subterfuge. Leaders of nations become a Rebecca to achieve their goals. UNO apart from diplomacy has to be a Rebecca at times.


Jacob is all famous Old Testament patriarch, a notorious celebrity. Jacob is famous for being named by God as a nation: Israel. As an idiom Jacob means one who tricks. Jacob tricked his brother Esau and got the blessings of his Father. Jacob also wrestled with an angel and took the blessings of God. Are you a Jacob that wrestles with angels? Sometimes we have to be a Jacob to our own kith and kin and that’s the will of God.


PresenceUation is a new word I coined from presence and affirmation and it belongs to the realm of processual (being is a part of being processed) ontology (being). Presenceuation or Presensuality is another emotion apart from catharsis, angstuality and ecstasy which is boasted loud by existential philosophers. It is a joy which is experienced when one in Christ, all consuming joy and peace which the world can’t give. May all of you be filled with Presenceuation this Christmas and New Year 2019.

Devil’s Bait

Devil’s bait is an idiom which means the furtive entrance of Satan. I have a lady friend a Filipino to whom I told of my Christian assignment where I prayed for a relative of mine who is having acute liver cirrhosis and who has been written off by the doctors. I shivered and shook and cried when I prayed and I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to God he has started speaking and taking fluids and is recognizing people. I told all of this to her and she being of Catholic faith said let’s appeal to Saint Padre. She wanted to know his name. I immediately felt that Satan was attacking me. The Bible is very clear about idols and saints and in no sense they have to be worshipped or deified. I did not reveal his name and terminated my wifi. Don’t succumb to the Devil’s bait. Devil baits you when you least expect it.



Apostasy as a traditional meaning means renunciation of faith. For me Apostasy means something else; it’s a visual idiom meaning Christ who had to renounce his body and shed his precious blood on the cross so that we may be saved. For explaining it: let me go a bit into semiotics. In Semiotics: the sign is got two parts: the signifier (a visual tangible idea) and signified (an idea). For example: if we say that Rose is Passion, rose is the signifier and passion the signified. For Derrida, signs in texts privilege some and marginalize others and that he called as binary divide. The cross is a powerful sign an apostasy which when erased also signifies the cross. The cross can never be erased and apostasy is a new figure of speech, a trope in the English Language. By Apostasy (blood shed on the cross) we became not marginalized but privileged citizens to enter heaven. Praise God hallelujah Amen. All glory and honor be to King the Christ the only eternal everlasting God.