Marx Died


Karl Marx predicted that the workers will unite the world and by revolution pave the way for a new society based on equality and social justice. But instead of that happening, Communism fell into ruins and the Soviet Union and East Germany collapsed and led to the establishment of capitalism. As an idiom Marx died means a prophecy which cannot be fulfilled. Time will tell whether Marx died in the world. The prophecies in the Book of Revelation do not carry Marx’s Death.

2 thoughts on “Marx Died

  1. Well, so, in commenting on the misinterpretation of Nietzsche, I mentioned Marx, and here I find him misinterpreted. And this is separate to associating Marx with Stalinism. As Marx himself once said, I am not a Marxist. Not that Marx or Nietzsche were without faults, but most laypersons attack strawmen erected by others with ulterior motives.

    Marx was a Capitalist. He admired it. He even wrote a book on it—several, in fact. He had planned on 7, but he died. Marx thought that Capitalism would naturally lead to ‘Communism’ as it progressed through some industrial period, the one he was contemporary to. He criticised the Soviet Union for trying to jump from an agrarian economy to a communal economy without taking the ‘correct’ path through industrialism—capitalism.


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