What is ART

This has baffled me for years. I have read philosophy, literature, poetry, listened to music, admired art and yet I could think no coherent framework for defining art. Today Newton fell on my head and it dawned to me to write a narrative about it. Is art merely literature, painting and music? Art is life, an experientiality of realizing meaning. Art is processual ontology. Some new neologisms I have made to coin art. For me art consists of the following neologisms: catharstasy formed from Catharsis and Ecstasy. Aristotle defined Catharsis: as the purification of the soul. Catharstasy is undergone by us in an experiential context. Making love is the music of poetry and is a form a Catharstasy. I would disagree with Schopenhauer: ‘all art aspires to the condition of music’. Making love is the purest form of music. Catharstasy can also mean appreciation of art. Next I would surgicalize my mind on art and extend it into a definition art is catharangstasy made from Catharsis and Angst and Ecstasy. Bereavement of a loved one is the height of catharangstasy. Sorrow in all its forms, queasiness, nausea, heebie jeebies are all various forms of Catharangstasy. The next form of art is called as Catharcognizy coined from catharsis and cognition which can also mean interpretosis. This occurs when we grapple with an intellectual concept, or scientific or mathematical or logical problem and we master it.

Sartre-Christ Paradox


Sartre the great nihilist and existentialist said paradoxically that: ‘man is condemned to be free’. Christ on the other hand said: ‘there’s no condemnation in me, there’s only a freedom. Christian freedom is a paradox, you are neither free nor being bound. You are in Christ and that’s called Freeatharsis a word I made from freedom and catharsis. Christian freedom is the freedom of making a choice and choice can be your own freedom or your downfall. Christianity is Choice-Freedom.



I begin by coining the idiom—Occult with a pejorative rancor. For years I have dabbled into the occult like Satanism, Voodoo, Shamanism, Astrology and the Tarot. I used to read astrological columns daily. I have been flabbergasted by the varying opinions meted out. Some assholes will say that it is your lucky day, and others will say it’s your demise. As an Idiom Occult means something ominous, something that causes the heebie jeebies. Thanks to Christ, I have been free of the Occult and I take every day as it comes with a positive music. Occult causes angst in the soul.

From the Fish Mouth

We all know that in the New Testament: Christ was challenged about paying taxes. Immediately he told his disciple: Peter to go the sea and extract a coin from the Fish Mouth. And thus we have the proverbial maxim: “Give unto Caesar: what is his and Give unto me what is mine”. As an idiom: ‘from the fish mouth means to get a windfall.’ I am lucky if get a fish mouth today. The New Year Kerala Christmas Bumper draw of 2019 if won as the first prize will be fish mouth for me.


Abraham the Biblical Patriarch offered his wife Sarah to him saying that it was his Sister. In a dream God warned Abimelech not to bed with Sarah. As an Idiom Abimelech means an intuition which is fortuitous. It’s fortuitous to have an Abimelech in sleep. Years back an Abimelech occurred to me showing a lottery ticket with Santa engraved on it. Does this Abimelech mean that I will win 2019 Kerala Christmas Bumper?

Continents as a present and Nations as a Gift

I came across a Psalm: Psalm 2:8 which says: ‘Name it’ says the Lord Jehovah Christ: ‘I will give you the continents as a present and the nations as a gift’. I found this verse to be very inspirational and profound. As an idiom it means material blessings of God. When will God give me the Continents as a present and the Nations as a gift’ Lord provide for me for the month of December 2018 and Jan 2019, the continents as a present and the Nations as a Gift.

Catholic Idol

I was in a shop and there I watched an icon of Jesus hanging on the cross. Yes, Christ died on the cross and shed his precious blood for our sins. But to make an idol of the same and worship it is an anathema. I have birthed an idiom Catholic Idol which means something which is detestable. I found my boss’s attitude to be a Catholic Idol. Nazism was a Catholic Idol for Jews and the whole world.