Lexical Trap


Camus started it with a troubled and disoriented Philosophy of Nihilism. Nihilism self destructs the psyche and traps the individual into an abyss of nothingness. Camus in his incoherent philosophy does not explain on what or why we should rebel. Yet by the legerdemain of his pen, he casuistrily tells us to overcome the demon of suicide and authenticate our life purposefully. Heidegger gave a more authentic existence by coining Dasein or being there. To disorient Camus I could say that we authenticate our existence in cognitive, cathartic, ecstatic and angstual processualities.

2 thoughts on “Lexical Trap

  1. I still identify somewhat as an Existentialist and still admire the likes of Camus’ Absurdity, but he then clings to some purpose. For him, it was the Arts; for Sartre, it was Socialism; for Kierkegaard, it was God. And as you note, to a Nihilist, there is nothing and no reason to be anything.

    As an Existentialist, it is OK—in fact, essential—to create your own meaning to your life. What it doesn’t admit is that any one meaning is as meaningful as another.

    The problem with Heidegger’s authenticity is that there is no such a thing. Either authenticity is an archetype—a concept rife with problems—or it relies on some notion of identity—an and of itself problematic—further exacerbated by the need for the person to—in the words of Socrates—know thyself.

    As you note, this is all a sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors; mental masturbation and subterfuge.

    Oh, and hullo.


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