With humble apologies to you Modi—Prime Minister of India, you have rammed the Economy to a dismal abyss by your ingenuous scheme of Demonetization. It’s no wonder that the Reserve Bank of India governor resigned. Modi is an idiom for ruin and pillage of the financial economy. Thanks to Demonetization, India has become a Modi.


Christilation formed from Christ and Distillation is a neologism and is a state of being liberated and free, yet being paradoxically bound with Christ. You are neither free nor bound. It’s a state which I call Freeatharis coined from Freedom and Catharsis. It can also be called as being Freak-Free-Zotic another neologism I coined from Freak, Freedom and the Quixotic.

Lexical Trap


Camus started it with a troubled and disoriented Philosophy of Nihilism. Nihilism self destructs the psyche and traps the individual into an abyss of nothingness. Camus in his incoherent philosophy does not explain on what or why we should rebel. Yet by the legerdemain of his pen, he casuistrily tells us to overcome the demon of suicide and authenticate our life purposefully. Heidegger gave a more authentic existence by coining Dasein or being there. To disorient Camus I could say that we authenticate our existence in cognitive, cathartic, ecstatic and angstual processualities.

Song of Love

Darling ,
My heart,
Embraces your love…
Distance and time
No matter to me….
Your sweet lips
Are poetic flowers…
In them I drench
Of passion……
Let me embrace
You with the
Opera of eroticism…
Let me fondle
Your breasts
Like the sculpture
Of Adonis ….
Let me tear
Your clothes
And soak you
With sweet
My nights
Are empty
And cold
Without you….
I hunger to
Thirst your
Vaginal lips
And grace
Your clitoris
And satiate
You with the
Of amorous

Processual Ontology


It was the Philosopher Martin Heidegger who became concerned with the meaning of being. He defined being as Dasein meaning: being there. I would like to honor his dead soul and proclaim the meaning of being to be in a state of ‘processual ontology’. Ontology is the branch of Philosophy that deals with being and ‘processual’ is a neologism that I have coined. Processual Ontology means, we are being processed all the time that is: we are cathartic, ecstatic or angstual in realizing meaning.