Lexiconoclasm is a neologism that is birthed from Lexicon and iconoclasm. Lexiconoclasm is a new figure of speech, a trope where a word can have the same or different spellings and is used to connote two or more shades of meaning. Examples of lexiconoclasm are WATCH and TEAR. Watch can mean a physical apparatus to look at the time or it also can mean to look. Similarly tear can mean tears from the eye or it also can mean something that is torn. Other examples are Sea and See, be and bee.


Time lay
Dead on
The clock…
Drifted as
Clouds …
A butterfly
Dances as
A rainbow…
Angels visit
Me in dreams….
I lay with her
On the bed of
Poetry ….
Pearls clung
On to the grass …
Stars are twinkling
Buttons ….
Moon is a
Ball, shining
Devoutly as
A hymn…
Swamis are
Gently in the
Sky, carrying
Eternity as
A poem…
Brook of beauty
Is murmuring
In whispers…
Solitude lies
In the mist of
The heart…