Dead Leaf

Floats in the wind: sway/
Figs of imagination/
A tide of the mind/


Song of Love

Love awakens
In me like a poem;
You are so charming,
So mystically graceful….
Fall into my arms
And melt into
A song….
How I long to
Kiss your lips
Of passion….
How I long to
Taste the sweet
Nectar perched
On your tongue…
Let’s lie on the
Sweet bed
of poetry
And ecstasy
our nights

Song of Love

My love for
you is a harp ….
I gently play
on its strings
and make
of passion …..
Long to
embrace you
and melt
your lips with
sweet kisses….
Long to scent
the sweet fragrance
of your tender body…
Your breasts
are hills of poetry ….
Long to taste
the honey
in your sweet orifice
and cradle you
to a song
of ecstasy