Daily Journal

A lot has been happening in my life. Got a job in Qatar as a teacher to teach 6th 7th and 8th grades. The job became a bug in my life. I used to prepare well and deliver lessons by lecture method. But the authorities weren’t happy. I was constantly being reprimanded and cautioned that my teaching was not up to the mark of the school. I feel CBSE curriculum is an outdated one. The lessons are vague and are not connected. The topic jumps from one event to another. I also had to teach Qatar history. It’s quite a bore and with the Qatari royal family being lauded for no reason. To make matters worse, I had to share an accommodation with three of my roommates. On the 29th the Principal called me and said that I am not doing justice to my students or the subject. I blurted that I will resign. He conveyed the same to the management. The boss called me and gave give me sound noise whipping. He said I am not fit to be a teacher and that he has been receiving complaints from the students and parents. I felt sad and disheartened. He gave me the ticket back home and my one month’s salary. So now I am at home. I have fixed up an appointment with a whore and I hope to have some good fun.


Colors opened in/
Music echoing poems/
An art to the heart/

Morn gathered colors/
Beautiful red and orange/
Sun a happy sky/

It poured and poured/
Wet earth lay like a poem/
A dream so silent/

White ball shone magic/
Making the sky a music/
A dream so silent/

Birds floating in the/
Sky so tranquil giving a /
A thought to the mind/