I look at the 1 $ Bill in my pocket. Yeah, I look at it! I think of the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. I mutter strange, esoteric stuff. I laugh in madness. My thought shifts on to the Latin phrase: ‘Anuit Copetis Novus Ordo Seclorum: ‘let the ages be favorable for our undertaking’. Wow what a shit! My mind wanders on to the Illuminati which created it. Quite a puzzle, huh! Wow! Wow! Wow! Bow! Bow! Bow! This is a bark! A rasping one. With money I’ve had no luck! Not a cent has reached my purse. The day begins with enough and ends with nothing!


The sky
Rained in orange
Beatific, poetic
And ornamental…
Hues colors
Spoke like
A dream…
Feather of a
Mystic bard
Lay scattered
As a mythic poem…
I am overwhelmed
With the heart of
Feeling ….
Watching the sunset,
I tremble in
Sensual adoration….
I am a fond dream
Now meditating
As an opera
On the sky’s
Lush hues….