I look at the 1 $ Bill in my pocket. Yeah, I look at it! I think of the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. I mutter strange, esoteric stuff. I laugh in madness. My thought shifts on to the Latin phrase: ‘Anuit Copetis Novus Ordo Seclorum: ‘let the ages be favorable for our undertaking’. Wow what a shit! My mind wanders on to the Illuminati which created it. Quite a puzzle, huh! Wow! Wow! Wow! Bow! Bow! Bow! This is a bark! A rasping one. With money I’ve had no luck! Not a cent has reached my purse. The day begins with enough and ends with nothing!


The sky
Rained in orange
Beatific, poetic
And ornamental…
Hues colors
Spoke like
A dream…
Feather of a
Mystic bard
Lay scattered
As a mythic poem…
I am overwhelmed
With the heart of
Feeling ….
Watching the sunset,
I tremble in
Sensual adoration….
I am a fond dream
Now meditating
As an opera
On the sky’s
Lush hues….

From Discourse to Dialogue

A discourse is a formal method of speech or writing where the speaker or writer tries to goad content and meaning upon the listener or reader. A dialogue on the other hand is an informal speech aimed at constructing meaning which adheres to democratic norms. This article would like to focus on various forms of dialogue that remain embedded in the ritual of life.

First of all I would like to start with a coercive dialogue. A coercive dialogue is one of its kind where the speaker or writer tries to enforce meaning upon the other. In a coercive dialogue, meaning is autocratic-centered and there is very little constructivism. I would like to use an example from modern day politics. Trump forced the countries of the Middle East to sever their ties with Qatar. This form of diplomatic whip ruling is coercive-centered dialogue.

Secondly, I would like to introduce a democratic dialogue. A democratic dialogue is a form of conversational apology where the speaker or writer follows what I would describe in Buddha’s line of thought called the Middle Way. An example of a democratic dialogue can be illustrated with an example from Indian History. Mahatma Gandhi made the famous Dandi March where he and his followers in order to protest against the salt tax, marched to the sea and made salt.
Thirdly I would like to introduce a form of dialogue called persuasive dialogue. The aim of this form of dialogue is to win the attention and favor of the reader or listener. This form of dialogue is famous in the Philosophy of rhetoric. The aim of this form of dialogue is to flatter, seduce, inflame, excite and generate much attention. This form of dialogue can be found in films, music, dance and drama. This type of dialogue is also generated by demagogues.

The fourth of a dialogue is coined in a neologism psycho-log. It is a form of dialogue which takes place between a client and a lawyer, a therapist, a counselor, a psychiatrist. It follows an intense period of questions and answers. Sometimes the dialogue attains a therapeutic tone. The dialogue is a mixture of democracy and autocracy.

The fifth form of dialogue is streams of consciousness dialogue. In steams of consciousness writing, the normal rules of grammar, syntax and punctuation are avoided. The writer writes in a free association of thought. The master of streams of consciousness writing was James Joyce who wrote the epic novel—Ulysses. Reading Joyce one is filled with profound poetry of emotion. Virginia Wolf is also another acclaimed writer of streams of consciousness. Within Streams of Consciousness, reading becomes a poetic metaphor of thought.


Eliot is
Decadent poetry …
Pound plucks
Apples and writes
Poems of imagism …
You are a religion
For the soul …..
Bards wake up in
Dusk and pour
Metaphors …..
You are
The fin de siècle
Gather a rhythm
And sing a
Song of solitude….
Love is surreal
Dreamy and poetic…
Sweet is passion
An ornament of
Poems are the
Tapestry of the
And the Nightingale
You are tarot of the
The moon is
A pregnant belly….
Shadows of
Light fall gently
On the trees….
Dylan left
Odes of beauty
In the ethos of
Tropes ….
Solitude awaken
To art that rhymes
And rhythms a
Poetry of love ….
Plato, you are
A trope of forms ….
Aristotle, you
Made catharsis
A theory of art ….
Socrates, you
Are a martyr
Of poetry …..
Being is a mystery…
An existential
Unfolding of
Nothingness and
You are Jung’s
Soulful creation…..
Persistence of memory
Is a haunted
Clocks melt
and gather
Time in a
Precious pouch…
Morning is a bard
On the wings
Of poetry…
Art flows
Through a
Timeless stream
Of words ….
Kafka you have
Left mysteries
Of the novel
Written in art….
Life is an illusion
Of time ….
Wither a life
Of words ….
Words into
Of art….
You are an
Ode of a piano,
Your fingers
Are musical flutes ….
Blues and Jazz
Float echoes
Of a cadence
And render the heart
To mirth of grace…
Walt Whitman
You laced
The leaves of grass
With tropes
That leaves the soul
In a catharsis of
Wolf is a poetic
Van Gogh
You soaked the
With shades
Of impressionism….
Will the soul
Live after death?
You are the body’s
Life, you
Are the seasons of
You are an
Intoxicated trope…
Maurice Blanchot
You are stoic
Of prose….
You are an ecclesia
Of atheism
Where is
The fountain of joy?
Life illuminate
A cathartic
Monument ….
Don’t reason
With meaning
Passion is
The living
Life of joy.
I have found
You in the desert
Of poetry…
Words, live the
Meanings of
Heart of love,
You are a poetic
Splendor …
Passion glide
As wings up
To the heavens.
You tranquilized
Art into the
Dionysian rhythm
And the Apollonian
Grace and melody…
Art thy waves
Rush to the shore
And weave threads
Of passion…
Beauty is
A figure of speech …
Live a life
Poignant and
Sensual …
The gaze—a
Poetic rapture
Of being …
The self
Is a marathon
Running a race
Of love….
Passion sink
Into the ocean’s
Depth and
Swim as
A mermaid of
What am I?
A fictional self …
I am the many
Women I have loved..
The places I’ve
I am sculpted
Trope of flesh
And blood….
Have to be a
Passionate bed…
You are a meaning
So profound…
Life has a
Meaning to live…
Sculpt words
Into music …
The soul is
An enigma
A mystic wonder
That is life in a
I am in love
With life….
I am in love
With words …
I echo poems
From the springs of
Camus you are
A bard of philosophy …
What is the elixir of
Nothing but the heart
Of meaning …

Poem of Love

Darling ….
Whispers fondly
embrace your love…
My heart is
Flowing with
Poetic tides….
Caresses and
Are poetic music….
Let me soak
You in the mysteries
Of love….
Let me entice
Your being
With the karma
Of passion……
Let me soothe
Your body
With the love of
I am always
your heart
filled with love

Poems of Love

A poem
wells in
my heart for you….
I am a romantic
poet of the heart
and I love
the mystic wonder
of your poetic self …..
I would love to share
the passion
of the soul …..
caress the sweet
mysteries of the body
I would love to be united
with you in the
precious pearl of
romantic love …..
I would love the
mornings to be
spent in the
heart of passion…
I would love the
day to be wine
of precious poetry ….
I would love the
dusk to be romantic
poem of the heart ….
I would love the
nights to be a precious
bed of poetry


Love for you
wakes in me
like a poem …
My heart
longs for you
your mystic embrace…
Let me fill your cup
with the sweetness
of a magic potion….
Darling precious,
you are a song of love