A Tale

Sometimes it’s brown, sometimes yellowish…sometimes it comes out with a spluttering sound; sometimes there are huge chunks, sometimes cinder pieces, sometimes it flows like milk. Yes! What I am I talking about ….Oh Shit!


I met her on the bus. She was in her mid 50’s, buxom, big boobed and wearing a white Sari with yellow linings. My body shivered with sex. I had an uncontrollable erection. Her forehead was smeared with vermilion making her all the more erotic. Yes, what a sexy encounter.


The sky lay

Tinged with

Poetic hues …

White mystics

Were floating

In a caress of music…

Lovers were

Twined in the music

Of lips …


Floated as a poem…


Were copulating

In epiphanies of

A bard….

Time lay on a pink

Mirror cascading

A psychedelic halo…