Love Poems

Poems are
Your sweet lips….
Let me melt
A lake of kisses
On you,
Your breasts
Are tender,
Sensuous and
Flowing like
A river,
Let me make
Sweet poetry
On the,
Your honey
Orifice so sweet,
Long to feast
On its sweet
Long to mount
You and penetrate
You with

Let me
Embrace you
With tender
Let me melt
Kisses of love
On your sweet
Let me adorn
My lips
And suckle your
And squeeze
Your breasts
With fondness,
Let me
Mount you
And penetrate
You with love
And sprinkle
My passion in

you blossomed
Rose of the morn….
Let me shower
You with kisses….
Let me melt
Your heart with love…
Let me echo passions
On your breasts…
Let me suck
Your sweet nectar
Like poetry….
Let me ecstasy
You to
A symphony.


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