Daily Journal

A lot of things have been happening to my life. I was reading the Bible—the parting of the Red Sea and the deliverance of the Israelites by God. What a miracle t’ was. I hope that God will part the Red Sea in daughter’s life and help her to secure an MBBS seat in CMC College in Ludhiana. Read the psalms: God said: ‘I will give the continents as a prize and the nations as a present’. I simply marvel at God’s words. Oh God when will the Red Sea part for me in my life. I will be traveling today and I don’t have money in my purse. I hope God will replenish my purse with a windfall. Praise God! I had a dream in the night. I was with my Dead Father, teaching in an International School in Jakarta. Freud calls these dreams as distortions. I am pondering the meaning of literature. Is Literature an art? As an art form, Literature is a collection of words forming a poetic epiphany. Realism of the novel focused on external events. The advent of the modern novel brought into consciousness the inner workings of the mind. What can postmodernism do to the novel? Postmodernism is a blend of Picasso’s cubism, the impressionism of Monet and the surrealism of Dali. Novelists like Salman Rushdie, in the Satanic Verses have experimented with magic realism.

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