STD 9 Geography Question Paper

Good Shepherd School Kurianoor
1st Terminal Exam 2018
STD 9 Geography Max Marks 80
Answer the following Questions
1 What is the helio-centric and geo-centric view? [4]
2 Why is the earth a habitable planet? [3]
3 Give evidences to prove that the earth is round? [3]
4 What makes life possible on earth? [3]
5 What is the shape of the earth? [2]
6 What is a geographic grid? [2]
7 Define latitudes and longitudes? [4]
8 Why are latitudes called parallels of latitude and longitudes called meridians of longitude? [5]
9 Differentiate between standard time and local time? [5]
10 What is the standard Meridian of India? [2]
11 Which is the Greenwich Meridian? State its importance. [4]
12 What are great circles and small circles? [4]
13 When the time is 12 AM at 60ᵒ East Longitude, what is the time at 80ᵒ East Longitude? [5]
14 When the time is 10 PM at 50ᵒ East longitude, what is the time at 20ᵒ East longitude? [5]
15 When the time is 11 AM at 100ᵒ West longitude, what is the time at 70ᵒ East longitude? [5]
16 When the time is 6 AM at 50ᵒ West Longitude what is the time at 10ᵒ West longitude? [5]
17 What are the four seasons? [3]
18 Define rotation and revolution? [4]
19 What is meant by a leap year? [4]
20 Explain in detail the concept of solstices and equinoxes? [6]
21 Why is Norway called the land of the midnight sun? [3]
22 Explain the effects of rotation and revolution? [3]

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