STD 10 Geography Question Paper

Good Shepherd School Kurianoor
1st Terminal Exam 2018
STD 10 Geography Max Marks 80
I Answer the Questions from the Grid Map
1 Differentiate between the contour patterns in grid 9284 and 9782
2 What is the black line running through the North Western Corner of the Map?
3 What are the types of vegetation given on the map extract?
4 What is the black symbol given in grid 9483? Give its six grid reference?
5 What are the black lines running in grid 9785? Define.
6 Give evidences to show that the map has seasonal rainfall.
7 What is the symbol in black located in grid 9580? Give its six grid reference.
8 What is the drainage pattern in grid 9782 and in grid 9186?
9 What are the main occupations of the people?
10 What is the direction of Manpurya 9786 from Ramapura 9580? 20 Marks

II Answer the Questions from the grid map T 11502
1 What are the evidences to show that the map has seasonal rainfall?
2 What is Causeway given on the map? Define?
3 What is the settlement in Revadar?
4 List the major occupations of the people?
5 Calculate the area of Eastings 05 to 10 and Northings 09 to 15
6 Measure the distance of the metal road from 0413 to 0611.
7 What is the direction of Sipu Nadi?
8 Give the six grid reference of the Temple in 0617
9 What is 260 given in grid 0514?
10 What is the symbol in black in grid 1112? Give its six grid reference? 20 Marks
III Answer the following questions from the Map of India
1 Trace and label the Ganga
2 Trace and label Narmada.
3 Trace and label Bramaputra.
4 Draw and label the Western Ghats?
5 Outline places having Alluvial Soil.
6 Draw the standard meridian of India.
7 Indicate with arrows the direction of Western Disturbances?
8 Shade and name a place which has very little population.
9 Label the Gulf of Mannar
10 Indicate and name Srinagar 10 Marks
1V Answer the following questions
1 What is meant by climatic barrier or divide?
2 Ooty is cooler the than Coimbatore. Why?
3 Differentiate between the climate of Trivandrum and Delhi?
4 What are the two branches of the South West Monsoon?
5 Mumbai is wetter than Pune. Explain why?
6 What is meant by Mango showers and Nor Westers?
7 What are Western Disturbances?
8 Give the places where the retreating monsoon gives rain?
9 What is the difference between the climate of North and South India?
10 What do you mean by the burst of the monsoon?
11 Give two features of the Arabian Sea branch of the monsoon.
12 Give two features of the Bay of Bengal branch of the monsoon?
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall 02 02 02 01 05 07 07 04 03 02 01 01
Temperature 30 32 29 30 27 26 25 26 26 25 24 23

a) Give the total rainfall.
b) What is the annual range of temperature?
c) Which hemisphere does the place lie? 15 Marks

1 What is pedogenisis?
2 Give examples of Insitu and Exsitu soils?
3 Give two features of alluvial soil?
4 Give two features of black soil?
5 Give two features of laterite soil?
6 Give two features of red soil?
7 How is alluvial soil formed?
8 How is black soil formed?
9 How is red soil formed?
10 How is laterite soil formed?
11 What is erosion?
12 What is the need to conserve soil?
13 What is gully and rill erosion?
14 How can erosion be controlled?
15 What is strip-farming and contour bunding? Marks 15


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