Worms eat my brains,
Serpents crawl on my neck…
When will the festering
Gloom cease….
I am tormented
By mortal wounds ….
I am weak and dilapidated…
Terrorized by the sin of despair….
The dark angel of gloom
Smiles at me maliciously….
Sharks grin their teeth at me…
Scorpions crawl on my legs….
I am hounded with
The vomit of my mind…..
Disappointment is real….
The Devil has the
Last smile of glee…..
Why was I born in a womb…?
Why was I suckled on infant milk…?
The day is an obscure murderer ….
Night is the felony of a witch ….
When will I awake from
The tomb of night?
When will sanity return to me?


2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. If this is just a dream
    or a nightmare
    this is a good news
    nothing of this is real
    so you should care
    not to the extent
    of things being real
    they cannot harm you
    even if they dare
    is your depression
    lying to you
    when you feel otherwise
    but now that you know
    you can fight back
    and don’t fall
    for the same trick twice.


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