Daily Journal

Woke up at six. Had Mom’s freshly brewed tea. Went to the workshop in the morning; my scooter was leaking oil. Well, they plugged the loop. I bought three lottery tickets with the same number but to sad to ignominy, they ended up in the dustbin in the evening. I didn’t have a scrap of luck. Finally I think luck has come to me. I got a job offer (interview) as a History teacher for Seychelles. If I am lucky, I will be in a new country with plenty of opportunities. Found some interesting facets about the culture of Seychelles. It’s a matriarchic culture with a number of unwed mothers. Interesting, I am smiling to myself (sons and daughters added). I miss my son Joshua who’s sent to a heal autism boarding school. I don’t have the money to go and see him. Found a black cat on the wall. It’s a quite a metaphor for good luck. I am longing to have a drink (rum) but don’t have the money for it. In the evening I gazed at the clouds. I found so many poems in it. The sky was lettered in Asemic writing. Found gigantic butterflies. Found a trunk of an elephant. Found moving paws. Evening was spent in many epiphanies. I am wondering about myself. What is it? Is it a soul of poems? Writing is very therapeutic for me. It helps me bring out myself, my streams of consciousness. Met an old aunt of mine. Had happy reminiscences with her.


Clouds are mystic bards,/
Wandering in endless shapes/
Forming jigsaw puzzles/