Daily Journal

It rained mad today. I was engrossed in my thoughts. I started reading a book: Competing Fundamentalisms by my Uncle. In it he talks about Christian, Islamic and Hindu Fundamentalism. At least thank God that though Christians want to proselytize the world, they have not bred terrorists. Christianity as a religion is loving, compassionate and full of grace. I have started the chapter on Islamic fundamentalism. In it the author talks that the West is tainted with a negative picture of Islam. After finishing reading the book, I will write a commentary about it. I was thinking about the triple détente which started the World War. The détente between America and North Korea for peace, democracy and denuclearization deserves a new figure of speech which I call in my own words as a PARABOLE. A Parabole is a figure of speech where a negative semantic term acquires a positive shade of meaning. I think that Kim Jong Un the President of North Korea was a gentleman to have had a rendezvous with Trump. Parabole as a figure of speech alters the geo-political order of the world into geo-political-democracy. I have started experimenting Asemic writing with my Calligraphic pen. The scrawl with ink and littering the paper with abstract art gives the feeling of joy akin to copulation. I took three periods in the afternoon. Blog writing has helped me evolve the art of writing novel. It’s not easy to describe what the art of the novel is. The plot form today is a pulp of shit. The novel has got only one form and that’s writing it. According to Derrida, ‘to write is to have the passion of origin’. Modernism in the novel inaugurated the writing in streams of consciousness. 19th and 20th century novels personalized angst of man as the world was in turmoil. Of course the great novelists of the era are Camus, Sartre, Kafka and Joyce and not to exclude Virginia Wolf. The novel in the 21st century epiphanizes momentary experiences of life. There’s great art in the use of irony. Does irony signify the decadence of civilization? One has to experiment with newer modes of writing and that’s an ideal for a writer. A writer’s avenues are opening, thanks to the spread of blogging and free e-book publishing. To title anyone as a mainstream Novelist is pejorative one. The Dadaists and the Surrealists experimented with Asemic writing, a form of non-phonetic writing akin to art. One needs to experience altered states of consciousness to create a free reign of words. Rain is a needle drop amplified. Existentialism created the consciousness of angst. Within angst itself, there’s the consciousness to gratification. Self realization is not a perfect entity. Meaning is always in the process of creating an experience. Tropes today are littered with ironic sensuality. One has to create new meanings for old words. For example: Homi Baba the postmodern thinker as used the word uncanny. The uncanny is a strange experience of encountering the colonial other. When I had a chance to visit a brothel I did not. Now I regret it. Feelings visit me like a cloud of thought. I remember lying drunk at the airport in Singapore and missing my flight. When I woke up, I was worried and did not know what to do. I approached the ticketing counter and the girl there told me to pay seventy bucks. Thanks to God, I had hundred dollars with me. God has always been there with me to save me in helpless situations. I have no regrets in life. I live with the hope for tomorrow. I experience the now in angst and celebration. Of course I have started winning small lotteries and I am thankful to God for it. I am wondering if God will grant me favor to win a big windfall. Life is a journey through the literature of experience.

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