The Cult

Vladimir Brodinsky was writing a report in the New York Times on the murder of Professor Ioan Couliano, the Prof. of Religions at the University of Chicago who is famous for the book ‘Eros Magic and Murder in the Renaissance’. Prof. Ioan was shot dead in the bathroom from a bullet sustained on the head. There are various conspiracy theories at work about the murder of the Prof. and they range from him having plotted against the Communist regime in his native country to him having been assassinated by the secret cult called the Signeggmati for having been blunt on the agenda of secret societies. The police and the FBI remain clueless about the murder. He sighed after finishing the last letter on the keyboard. Yes, he was loyal to the cult and he contemplated that a brilliant mind had to be put to sleep. After that he gave an enigmatic smile.


As the literati, I wondered passionately about the clouds…white and blue! The white is the sperm left by countless angels copulating …the blue is the piss left over by the angels…a thunder burst is the angels farting…I wonder how many times angels copulate in a day …they must be equivalent of the earth’s population…Unlike humans, angels have pink farts…there’s an art to angel-farting…The sperm left by the angels is a novel art…The piss of blue is an idyllic lullaby….