Jan 10th 2018

It’s been a while since I wrote a journal. The reason is that I was working on a novelette. After completion, I feel so satisfied. I feel like a poem in love. I have invented a new genre of fiction called Philosophical Fiction. The fiction draws inspiration from the Cubist art of Picasso, from Streams of consciousness in Literature and from Jazz in music. The novel I have titled as Picasso’s famous Guernica. I want to explore the fiction of avant-gardism. Plot means very little to me. The form of storytelling has to change with the contemporary times. Art is the soul of literature and mind is the aesthetic of fiction. My fiction resembles an abstract painting. Though I have not won any lottery I am feeling so happy. I am being loved by woman from Bali. She constantly Skypes me. Yes, I nourish the dream of going to Bali and making poetry with her. When will my wishes get satisfied? With my meager resources, I have been able to publish E-books, thanks to Bookrix my faithful publisher. As an author, I have not been commercially successful. But I am happy and contented that I am writer


Evening sky—
Stained glass—
Like a pale dream—
Poetry waltzes
On wings as
Ballet dancers—
Sky opened to me
Like a body of a woman—
My thoughts are
Veiled with the
Colors of the sky—
I dream of Bali—
I dream of her love—
Want to be nourished—
Clouds part as a guitar—
There now, a fierce
Dragon is spitting fire—
The sky a song of music
To me now.


dear beloved …
You are love’s
passionate echo….
Let me embrace
you with the
sweet nectar of love….
Let me kiss your lips
with a lover’s passion….
I love you so much,
so much as the
night’s lovely star …
You have become
so fond to me…..
Be my beloved
for the rest of my life.