White ball radiant
With mysteries
Of mystic space…
A memory of love
Emanates from her
She scatters light
Amongst shadows
Pale shadows glistening…
She embraces the
Dark of the sky
As light’s séance
Of a pulchritude …
There’s music on
Her belly …
Veins of eclectic jazz,
I begin my dark ritual
Witches dance in my head
Like Ghosts from
A sunken grave…
A petal on wings
Strays across the lonely
She echoes dreams
From a distant past…
Ancestors awake
From graves and
Pour blessings of mirth…
Clouds glisten
With the nectar of light …
Light falls on trees
And fall in pathos of
Solitude ….
I am fading
Into a dream….
A sweet lullaby
Puts me to sleep.


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