Lyrics of a Lyre

call of the night


Call of the Night

A legion of images

Flood into me ….

The play of signifiers

From an Erotic Landscape…

Paul Delvaux the artist…

Rendering feminine

Symbolism into galactic

Sensuality of aesthetic

Free Masonry….

The young and the old women….

What are they talking?

The veiled older woman,

Buxom …does her veil

Want to initiate the youthful

Ones into a libidinal ecstasy

Of forbidden orientations….

Nature’s contrast…


Fecundity of fertile sexuality….

Skulls are they impotent and

In Menopause?


Melting Clocks

Dali, you painted
Dream and reality —
A hyperbolic consciousness—
Though you have been a sly—
Master of precision’s craft….
You have unconsciously
Left the mirror of your
Own repressed….
Yes, there’s child,
In you fantasying
The Oedipal….
See the embryo
Wrapped up easy
In a time of being….
Fond of your narcissistic
Voyage into the valley of
The feminine …Yes,
Your wrapped embryo
Is my on caught up
In the tranquil ecstasy
Of the womb of a
Dim lit bar….
Darling Dali ….
I admire the humor
Of you having timed
Freud into the Calypso
Of time—
A flaccid Phallus.



Haiku Commuters

A sea of commuters/

Standing in a train  to reach/

a destination and work/


Haiku Christmas Cards

Christmas cards I am/

gazing them with eyes that are/

a wounded Santa Claus /

Ode to Eros

Let me embrace you
like the music of doves in love…
Let me nibble the tender meat of your lips….
and leave you saturated with a joy of meaning…..
Honey let my undress you and see how
your body flows curves like a passionate vessel…..
Let me place my lips all over your precious nectar…..
Honey I love the way your breasts curve
as the waves of a melodious ocean….
I love the way your hips flow as ….
the way, gazelles frolic through the jungle….
Open your flowery nectar to me….
Let me sing in it verses of erotic poetry ….
Quiver and shudder in the folds of my mouth
Darling ecstasy in my mouth as joy of an earthly music…..



Haiku Night Star

A white nipple twinkled/

on a dark breast watering/

an oedipal desire/



Haiku Gold

Midas is gleaming, his/

eyes are lit with brides that will/

ornament and celebrate/


Haiku Pop Art

Pop Art is gazing/

epic of metaphors are dazzling/

signs to be consumed/



Haiku Star


They are branded for/

Christmas Commerce; I have been their/

Adoration as a child/


Haiku Mannequin

Passive spectators they/

are, now they crowd my eyes to/

be in love with them/



You withered hag—

Poisoned with a death of language—

Your sagging breasts

Make me bitter with

False promises made…..

You feed my brain with

Dreams that are a stale sausage….

And the dreams, they materialize

As toxic wounds that deprive the soul….

I urge, plead and beg with you….

Fill me with light hearted banter….

Remind me not of short comings

Or frailties that have made my

Life a broken scythe.



Rain Haiku

Pounding on the tin/

Roof with a sperm splattering tinkle/

Ears are molten with music/


Haiku Banana

Why are you hanging/

Flaccid? When will you be turgid? /

And in, as passion/


Haiku Eggs

You are muses laid to/

rest for a time; you will end up/

in mouths as rich diet/



Wasteland Part II

Eliot wrote a poem—

The Waste Land –

Frozen people,

Sunken cities,

Nausea Angst

All are verses of a

Cadaverous metaphor.

World Peace is

The world in Pieces.

Diplomacy –

The eyes of commerce

Shimmering pale from

A harlot’s vision.

Poet Frost is

Mending bridges.

Ezra Pound is

Sculpting aesthetics in

Frozen mummies.

Socrates is a pagan wizard

Consulting the tarot,

Hires lesbians and enjoys

Them as a Voyeur.

The world is a playground

Of bullets and ballots.

A Dali is freezing in

Echoing dreams of melting clocks.

A Jezebel promotes Gay marriages

And multiple orientations.

Sisyphus rolls the boulder of angst

To the peak of the Himalayas

And lo it is hurled again

To bear the burden of the Body.

I am done!

Alas I am a swami maverick of dejection.

I mumble Sanskrit—

Karma, mantra and Tantra—

I am an absurd hotchpotch

Of Voodoo, Cabala and Sanskrit mantras.

The image of Goddess Devi

Smiles candles of light—

I wink her a malicious frown…..

My body is an echo of

The voice of violence in Palestine…..

Nirvana I can pee

Sitting in Yogic poses of the Lotus….

I write God and Cross it out….

The dog of my behind articulates

With polished veneer the verses of Karma.

Verses mimic the rhyme of

An ancient mariner.

Dawn has woken me up

With the sound of broken whiskey bottles.

I curse the psychiatrist

Who fucked my life in an asylum.

Body is a floating clown of dusty clouds….

Nirvana plays the flute of a pagan phallus….

Holy Ghost why do you taunt my sin?

Why does ambition live in crutches?

The Prime Minister and the diplomat

Are doing a Photo shootout …..

Newspapers will blare their images

Like a whore wooing a client……

Brook flowing meditation, can you

Wake me in the lyric of

Wordsworthian romanticism……

Haiku, I write you from

Scavenging garbage tins….

Buddha was it your plan to Nirvana

Tibet to China….

Day is absurd caught

In the monotony of reading

Shakespeare to kids….

How can I tell them that Hamlet

Was suffering oedipal complex?

Virgins crowd my classrooms

I have to be careful of the language I use.

You flower, smile decadently at me

Like frozen vaginas……

A monstrous tongue is growing out of my brain….

Can I be a Rilke to write lyric poetry to my lover…..

Bible, I read you in misery of an unloved body…..

Paris —the brothel of my mind…..

Philippines —–the brothel of my body……

My situation is worse and verse as a refugee…..

I have been denied Visa to UK

By a Bastard’s ugly scrawl in my passport…..

The West, I long to see you…..

I have the mindset of a White,

The soul of a black and a

Body that’s brown……..

Jazz and blues sink into my body

As fleshy rhythm that’s smoking a weed…..

Clouds overlap the horizon like

Floating cabbages…..

Nirvana dresses money into the whore’s purse

And mediates the body in undress…..

Prof. of Metaphysics where you?

You are a wretch,

Smoking consciousness through

A gutter pipe…..

Prof. of Metaphysics mumbles drunk—

I am here, there, everywhere and nowhere

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti …..

Peace only if you would stay

Reconciled in a heart’s soul




Pink abstracts

Lay like paintings

On the wall of the sky…..

Chirping lend a

Melodious lullaby

Soothing the ear with music….

Night’s white buttons,

Are still twinkling

Like a seer’s eye…..

Mist is hovering like

An Arabian Carpet ….

I hear echoes of happiness…..

I see love arising in round warmth…..

Time is travelling

On mystic feathers

Flapping poetry as

Lyrical music

That rhymes a pattern

Of stitching a harmonious art…..

Oh, I dream of passion ….

I am patient about the

Many women that I can love…..


The Moon

Night’s lantern…

Now shining as

A white ball….

The witch has

Put on her cloak of dark….

And is gazing at the shimmering

Crystal ball hanging lazily in the sky…..

The full moon is nature’s art gallery….

Welcoming  me now to sedate

My dreams to a nostalgic sleep……..

I wandering now on the moon

As a fantasy traveler…..

I come across ice cold rocks

And they melt freezers

Into my white skin…..

I see a ghost who

Went to the moon

After Eternal Sleep…….

I meditate on the shores of a lake

Now glistening with marrow

Of moon’s light…



Haiku Chair

I with a poet’s heart/

Would love sit on upon you and/

Read poetry all day long/


Haiku Industrial Revolution

You a relic of an age/

That clanked metallic wheels; now you are/

Frozen to lie in death/


Ode to Eros



Let me embrace you

fondly, wrap my arms,

around, hold you

as eternity’s poetry……

I love the way you

came into my life……

as a silence,

the way I soak

letters of poems

to write ……

Even though my

body’s cold…..

When I read your words….

I become dew melt and

I spread all over like grass…..

How fondly and beautifully

I think of the passion we

could share as we open

hearts and sing our

body’s to music

and delicacies…….


Haiku Dirty Linen

You have clothed the body’s/

Language; now you lie desecrated/

Ready for execution/



Dew drops glittering

On night’s isle……

My body is a caged

Beast, shackled with

Dreams that rouse

Me out of slumber……

I dream of her

Lying on sheets

Wrapped up as erotic poems…..

The night is the body’s

Famished black magic spell….

Eros is an untouched piano…..

Beethoven is composing

a sonata, the lonely

dark night’s veil.



You poetic lullaby,

Wake me up,

Fiddle on me a pleasant tune,

Let’s row on the

moon’s shimmering lake….

Let our nights become

A furnace of glowing fire

As we melt into each other….

And be filled with the

Night’s succulence…..

Haiku Nativity

To gaze or see you/

If my childhood had not/

Let me, alas it is! /



Methodologies for Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics the art of interpretation has tons of literature on it. Here I am concerned about how it can be devised into a methodology. Here are some methodological tools for the art of Hermeneutics.
(a) Philosophical Etymology
Now what is Philosophical etymology? Etymology is searching for the root meaning of words and Philosophy comes from Philos love and Sofia wisdom. Let’s analyze Plato’s allegory of the cave using tool of Philosophical etymology. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, people are standing in a dark cave and they are separated by a wall; yet they are able to sight luminescence of blinding light on other side of the cave. This allegory is used explain the theory of forms that is we are imperfect copies of a perfect world. Analyzing Plato’s allegory in a postmodern sense can give us insight that the cave was Plato’s repressed and its external luminescence was in fact a projection of Plato’s vision to a metaphysical transcendence. This vision is highly narcissistic and couched in a language of absence if analyzed through structural conjectures of the language.
(b) Phenomenological Ontology
How can we adorn the garb of Phenomenological Ontology on the art of Hermeneutics? Phenomenology for a lay man means the contents of consciousness. Ontology refers to Being and its presence. I would like to say that Presence and Being is PROCESSUAL meaning that the structural presence of being is always dynamic and in the process of creation. This can also be explained as processual teleology. Teleology refers to a purpose of something. The presence of Being as processual involves historicity and temporality. Let me try to use an example from my own life. A UK friend of mine sponsored my ticket and invited me over there. I was thrilled on the prospect of visiting Stratford Upon Avon the home of Shakespeare and also visiting art galleries. When I went to apply for the VISA, I became the subject of ridicule. The officer a white treated me as a colored coolie. Seeing that I do not have a bank account or money and seeing that I am highly qualified he dismissed me with a curt: “good day”. In the UK consulate my BEING was created by another with a colonial bourgeoisie mindset as native who is colored and who doesn’t deserve to be given the right to travel to the land of colonized. History, prejudice against Asians and mind that’s warped in the grand narrative of colonial mindset created an identity for my being, an identity that hurts my skin and color. I was judged and labeled unfit due to no fault of mine. The creation of being by external factors can be interpreted in hermeneutics as a BEING IN PROCESSUAL ONTOLOGY.
(c) Deconstructive Theology
Deconstruction was pioneered by its Guru Derrida. Deconstruction is more than Philosophy and encompasses a trans-sense narrative which questions the Binary construction of all Meta narratives or grand narratives. Now what is Binary Construction or Binary divide? Let’s take the case of study of Semitic religions. Semitic religions like Judaism, Christianity Islam and Zoroastrianism assume the presence of God. God and light are privileged where as darkness and the devil are marginalized. Semitic religions tend to terrorize and manipulate the BEINGNESS of a believer by SIN and DIVINE punishment with HELL for the unrepentant soul. Deconstructive theology examines how language is constructed as a Binary Divide and it exposes the faulty nature of language as being a privilege of sense in meaning and nonsense of being marginalized.
(d) Pharmacological Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis has gone a long way from Freud its father to the ground breaking work of Jacques Lacan. Lacan is noted for having claimed that the Unconscious is structured like language. Notable are his contributions like the GAZE, MIRROR STAGE AND THE LAW OF THE FATHER OR THE PHALLIC FATHER. Lacan also has a drawback of being very male-centered. Lacan questions the subject’s ability to maintain a stable self. Our self is engineered by the society’s ideology and it has to struggle to maintain a sense of coherence. For LACAN the gaze is intentional and has sexual connotations. Today art films try to incorporate many types of Gazes and art films deviate from the typical male gaze to the feminine and gay gaze. But traditional societies incorporate only the typical male gaze which is rather the behavior of typical male who is a patriarch. Now what is the Lacanian Mirror Stage? The Mirror Stage is stage when the Child becomes weaned physiologically and psychologically from the Mother and enters the realm of the language which trains the child to develop the notion of an idea of a stable self. The Mirror Stage has also been used in Film studies. A film viewer becomes subject to the gaze of the camera, he becomes chained on to his seat and through the whole viewing of the cinema he is a prisoner. Films need addictive viewers and films are constructed in such a way so that it gratifies the instruments of the social self to be a consumption of a mass fetish. Only Art films have broken this barrier. There also other concepts of psychoanalysis that can be used in Hermeneutics like the Freudian Oedipal Complex and the Electra Complex where texts exhibit a symptom of expressing these complexes from the repressed. A phallic text would be the one which is male-centered. Psychoanalytical hermeneutics is opening up the Feminine Libido to new significations of writing. Women are opening up their bodies newer modes of dialogues and discourses.