Your mermaid of the ocean—
You nymph of the woods—
I delight on your body,
A lover’s gaze—
I marvel at your skin
All sculpted in Gold—
Embrace me like a rainbow,
You poetic soul,
Arouse me in
Sweet undress;
Let me melt kisses on
You like wild honey—
Let me fondle your
Tender breasts
And suckle them
With poetic splendor…
Let me play the lover’s
Flute in you…
Let me insert my
Phallus deep within
You and ode you to a joy
Of a stream’s ecstasy.

Dec 5th 2017

Woke up early …had my usual three cups of coffee, did a work out. Was able to read two books: Stephen Hawking’s: Brief History of time: and the Jaguar Smile by Rushdie. Hawking led me to a strange word of Astrophysics of which I am a layman. I am not convinced by his argument that the universe is expanding. I am became amused by his mention of Quarks, the building blocks of matter. Hawking makes a grand effort to unify astrophysics with quantum theory and the general theory of relativity. The behavior of light particles as waves and particles also amused me. Rushdie’s Nicaraguan journey into politics was a trail blazer. The efforts made by the Sandinista Liberation Front to stabilize the politics and economy of Nicaragua are commendable. American meddling in Nicaragua is a thorn in the rose. Saw a petal on yellow wings dancing gaily on ferns. It became to me a poetic metaphor of thought. Got an offer to teach in Maldives but the consulting firm is asking too much money as charges. So I have ruled out the possibility of going to Maldives.