(For MIG)

You passionate
Flower of morn,
Let me embrace
You with songs of love;
Let me kiss you like
Mountain dew;
Your breasts
Are soft tender hills,
Your orifice is
Passion’s valley …
How I long to
Make love to you.

Nov 20th 2017

Woke up early as usual. Read Camus work the stranger. Was puzzled by the indifference of the characters. Personally I can’t stomach Camus’ existential nihilism. I believe that life is not chaotic and absurd. There’s a purpose and meaning to life. I travelled to Aleppy, the Venice of the East. All through the bus journey, I was gazing at the tranquil backwaters. I saw houseboats floating on the lulling waters as angels. Someday I also wish to hire a houseboat and cruise on the backwaters. Saw a flock ducks melodiously swimming in the waters. The purpose of my going to Aleppy was to buy a lottery ticket. Kerala government is hosting a puja bumper draw with a cash prize of 4 Crores. If I win it, I will have quite a lot of moolah in my hands. I want to buy my cherished SUV Renault Captur. I also want to put some money in fixed deposit that will aid my daughter’s fees in medical school. I also own a school and I want to build a swimming pool in it. I would also love to pay better salaries to the teachers. Had a tiff with my wife. My constantly accuses me of taking dope. It’s been years since I have smoked pot. I remember what Christ has said: ‘ask and you shall receive’ and I also remember the famous quotation on faith: ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen’. I hope that Christ will gift me a lottery bonanza.

Analysis of Camus’ Stranger

Albert Camus is a prominent French Philosopher noted for his philosophy of existential nihilism. Notable among his philosophical works are: The Myth of the Sisyphus. He has also published various works of fiction. The Stranger is a work characterized by his philosophy of existential nihilism.

The protagonist of the novel is Mersault. The novel begins with Mersalut being informed about the death of his mother in an old-age home. He travels by bus to the old age home and sees her body and takes part in the funeral proceedings. His feelings for his mother remain neutral. The inmates are allowed to watch the funeral proceedings.
He arrives back to Algiers and becomes engrossed in work. He has a girl friend named Mary with whom he has an affair. They go swimming in the sea. Then in the Stranger we come across a man who is a pimp. He gets arrested by the police for abusing a woman. Mersault has many friends and notable among them is Raymond. Later on in the novel we find Mersualt shooting an Arab and he gets arrested. The trial lasts for a long time and he gets imprisonment.

The novel does not deserve merit as a great aesthetic artifact. The novel is not a product of a literary genius. The philosophy of existential nihilism is interlaced into the novel. One is puzzled as to why the protagonist does not grieve the death of his mother. Why does he treat her funeral with cold indifference? Mersault’s relationship with Mary is also one of strange conjecture. When Mary asks Mersault whether he would marry her, he replies affirmatively no. When Mary asks whether Mersault loves her: he says there is no such thing as love. Mersault is only interested in making love to her. The narrative about the pimp is an interesting one. It is not sure as to why: Mersault has to kill the Arab.

Mersault is a character who experiences Camus’ Myth of the Sisyphus. Sisyphus is condemned by the Gods to roll a boulder all the way uphill only to his aghast to find that it rolls down. Sisyphus is forced to do the act again and again. There is very little usage of tropes in the novel. It’s a wonder to me as to why Camus names the novel: Stranger. Human relationships are so fickle. Existentialism is a philosophy of vanity. The novel does not carry much of philosophical content. Camus intellectualism does not pervade in the novel. One does not feel gratified when reading the novel.