My wife a strong Christian Freak recently read in Wikipedia about Sodomy and in it both oral and anal sex was classified is sodomy. Then she said: ‘let’s not defile the bed’. From then on she won’t allow me to the cunnilingus on her. She also has never done fellatio on me. She has derision for it. Sex with her has become so dull. All we do is: I erect and penetrate and then it is all over. Actually in the Bible it is said that a husband and wife: they shall become one flesh. Personally I think cunnilingus is wrong. I have a passion for it. Another thing about her is that she isn’t at all romantic. God I need an outlet to express my feelings. God why do you make me Sin? Why did you gift me such a kind of wife? I wanted a sophisticated woman and my wife is very Indian.

Analysis of Kerouac’s On The Road

Jack Kerouac is one of the pioneering founders of the beatnik movement along with Allen Ginsberg. The beatnik movement is a befuddling one as it involved a combination of Eastern Mysticism, Drugs, and Free Sex. May be it emerged out of the depression of American involvement in Vietnam and the Cold War. I read Kerouac’s: On the Road but I was not very much impressed with its language. There are very few figures of speech and the description is plain-speak.
Kerouac’s meanderings of the mind and well as his hitchhiking across America are poignantly portrayed. It is said that the book is written in the language of Jazz with its syncopated rhythms but I don’t think so. Kerouac has a friend Dean with whom he engages in dialogue. Kerouac is confronted with extreme boredom and nausea. There is an outpour of existential guilt.
I am puzzled to the depths of the ocean by Kerouac’s ignorance about Philosophers. He keeps on blabbering about Nietzsche but does not talk anything about his philosophy like the ‘Death of God’, the Apollonian and Dionysian elements, the melody of Apollo and the rhythm and beat of Dionysus which contributes to the making of drama especially tragedy. I feel very disappointed with Kerouac’s lack of knowledge and I feel the whole Beatnik movement was one of adult petulance. The Beatniks were interested in Eastern mysticism especially the theory of Karma and Reincarnation. I would like to bring up a Christian perspective about Karma. For Christ Karma (Deeds) alone won’t make one attain salvation. Salvation comes only through being born again in Christ. The doctrine of reincarnation is absurd. How can one be born an ant in one’s after life? The Beatniks were weed aficionados.
The book rambles on from page to page about Kerouac’s travels which all are all senseless like Camus myth of the Sisyphus. Kerouac is notorious for womanizing. Women are dehumanized and treated as strumpets and door mats. Kerouac’s novel has no depth of character or psychological insight. There is no hint of irony. The prose is dull and cluttered. There is no catharsis. Reading the entire novel, I did not come across a single figure of speech. The journeys made by Kerouac are lackadaisical and sterile with monotony. Kerouac is self indulgent in drunkenness and doping. There is no tone in the novel and it is the outcome of a mediocre mind. Initially I was fascinated with Beatnik movement. But I am disappointed with its writing. After reading the novel: I felt a pall of gloom.

Seed and Fruit

The Seed and the Fruit are metaphors of pulchritude found only in the Bible. It’s on these two metaphors that God established the foundations of his Kingdom. The Seed is the Word of God and the Fruit the outcome that is redemption, salvation and eternal life. Reading the Word is strengthening our life in Christ. Great is our reward kept for us in heaven.


Pharisees and the Sadducees were people who questioned the integrity of Jesus and finally accused him of blasphemy and had him condemned to death by crucifixion. As an idiom it means a person who condemns an innocent person.

Example: The Police were not Pharisees when they arrested the Malayalam film star Dileep on having connived the sexual molestation of an actress.

McCarthyism in America was action of Pharisees.

Pharisees are hypocrites of the society.


Simon the Wizard

References to Simon the Wizard are rife in the New Testament. Simon the Wizard was a warlock who became astounded when the disciples of Jesus were healing people by laying their hands on them. Simon the Wizard said: ‘can I also get this power and for that, I will give you money’. The disciples rebuked him and his demons. As an idiom Simon the Wizard refers to an unscrupulous person.

Example: in my life I don’t wish to be Simon the Wizard.

Nazi Hitler and the Fascist Mussolini were Simon the Wizards.

The God Father is Simon the Wizard.


We all know that in the New Testament, it is recorded that at the day of the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on the hoi polloi like wind and people started speaking in tongues. Pentecost as an idiom means a spiritual awakening.

Example: When the Pentecost happened to me, I became Spirit filled.

Let the Pentecost happen to all people of all nations.

Pentecost is an experience of happiness and peace.