Presence of the Holy Spirit

After brief period of Atheism I have come back to Christ. My yoke with him is being strengthened by daily reading of the scripture. While travelling or relaxing, I have intimate conversations with my dear most beloved Christ. I have felt his holy presence. I can’t quite well explain the feeling in words but let me try. My whole body feels as though electricity is passing, and I get a tingling sensation. I am filled with satiety of intense peace. This feeling remains for some time and then goes out of the body. God, Christ, the messiah also speaks to me in dreams. One night he said: ‘read the Message’. I was confused as to what it was. Then in the morning as I was browsing my mother’s desk: I found that the Message was a Bible. The Bible written by Peterson is written in contemporary American English and is tinged with lexicon of idiomatic meaning making the mind cathartic.


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