Circumcising Evolution

Evolutionary theory has big banged into the world as a meteor with Darwin’s Natural Selection. It would be incredulous endorse the Darwinian mode of evolution. If Man descended from Apes, where the fossils showing the stages of transition. The second argument is no humans look alike but all animals bear the same resemblance. Man has got a mind to think cognize and feel whereas animals are driven by instinct. Man’s finger prints are unique. I fully adhere to the view of creation of humans by God.



You passion,
Dew of the early morn…
You have woken in
Me the music of love…
Your kisses were
Melt flowers
And raining a passion….
I miss you so much…
Making love to you
Was a poem in the making…
Art of music is in us….
Our soul’s beauty
A mesmerizing honey pot…

Oedipal Complex

I would like to disagree with Freud about his version of the oedipal complex. What is the oedipal complex? It shows an attachment, a salacious one of the child to the mother or the father and Freud goes on to say this determines our sexuality. Actually the relation between parents and siblings is an emotional bonding and not a sexual one. Freud himself has ironically said that in order for civilization to progress it should avoid incest and murder. If the oedipal complex was correct there would have been widespread incest in society. Incest is an aberration and limited to the psychologically deviant.


Presence of the Holy Spirit

After brief period of Atheism I have come back to Christ. My yoke with him is being strengthened by daily reading of the scripture. While travelling or relaxing, I have intimate conversations with my dear most beloved Christ. I have felt his holy presence. I can’t quite well explain the feeling in words but let me try. My whole body feels as though electricity is passing, and I get a tingling sensation. I am filled with satiety of intense peace. This feeling remains for some time and then goes out of the body. God, Christ, the messiah also speaks to me in dreams. One night he said: ‘read the Message’. I was confused as to what it was. Then in the morning as I was browsing my mother’s desk: I found that the Message was a Bible. The Bible written by Peterson is written in contemporary American English and is tinged with lexicon of idiomatic meaning making the mind cathartic.


Rod of Moses

We all know that God empowered Moses and Moses brought forth a serpent by casting the rod. The Pharaoh’s warlocks also did the same and when they cast the rod it also became Serpents. But then the serpent that Moses cast gobbled up the serpents of the sorcerers. As an idiom it means getting triumph over your enemies with divine providence.

Example: The Yom Kippur war won by the Israelites was a rod cast by Moses.

A rod cast by Moses will never go in vain.

In my life, I have to overcome my struggles by casting the Rod of Moses.


Parting the Red Sea

God delivered the Israelites out of bondage from Egypt and miraculously parted the red sea so that they could escape from the clutches of Pharaoh’s soldiers. Parting the red sea as an idiom means a miraculous escape.

Example: The passengers of Air Asia were parting the Red Sea when their plane crash landed.

Israelites in their conflict with Arab Nations are experiencing parting the red sea in their every day walk of life.


Prodigal Son

We all know the story of the prodigal son who took his inheritance and lived a profligate life and finally went into penury. Then he returned to the father and asked forgiveness and his father whole heartedly embraced him. As an idiom it means a kind hearted father who forgives all the transgressions of his children.

My father is a prodigal son.

The heavenly father Christ is a prodigal son for all his sheep.