Five Loaves and Two Fish

We all know the miracle Jesus did when with 5 loaves of bread and two fish he fed the multitude of five thousand. As an idiom it means moving from the scarcity of poverty to the affluence of plenty.

Example: All people desire 5 loaves of Bread and Two pieces of fish.

If an economy can flourish with 5 loaves of Bread and two pieces of fish, that will be celestially wonderful.


The Young shall Vision and the Old Dream

God Christ said: ‘in the last days, I will pour out my Spirit and the old shall see dreams and the young will see visions’. For days, I have been contemplating and asking God to give me greater insight. I still haven’t got an appropriate answer but I am prodded to write this piece. First of all I would like to go into the etymology of the words: Vision and Dream. In old English dream meant merriment and enjoyment. Linguists are not clear as to when the meaning changed to that of receiving images in sleep. Vision in its etymological sense refers to the appearance of the supernatural. I am wondering why God used dream for the old and vision for the young. Let’s look at an interpretation in an existential sense. For the old experience is no longer new. For the young experiences are in full bloom as a new born flower. For the old dreams have a generative capacity and for the young visions have a trans-formative capacity. As a generative capacity it means changing the old to the new. As trans-formative capacity it means evolving the new into something better. This is my humble libation for God, Christ, the one Who is, Who was and Who will be the Alpha and the Omega.



Semanticide comes from semantics and killing. I would like to use Semanticide in a Christian, biblical context. Semanticide refers to the murder of the semantic sense in the history of the word (Bible) and transcendence to a higher realm of consciousness.

Example: Water baptism is Semanticide when we a metaphor transcends being and there fore we get crucified with Christ, then die and then get resurrected.

A child like faith in the Bible is Semanticide.

Christian apologetics uses semanticide.



Chabahar is a strategic port in Iran. Pakistan’s refusal to transit wheat from India to the beleaguered Afghanistan resulted in India, transporting goods from Chabahar. As an idiom it means entering goods into battle weary country through an exit point when the same is denied by a neighboring country.

Example: India’s goodwill gesture to Afghanistan resulted in a Chabahar.

During the Berlin blockade America became a Chabahar through the conduct of operation vittles.


All are familiar with Halloween, a festival which is celebrated with the mis en scene of a commercialized market. Halloween as a festival is Celtic in origin and it is celebrated with belief that spirits of the dead return to the earth. Halloween is pagan and satanic. As an idiom, Halloween means commercialization of a pagan, satanic festival.

Example: Why should kids be indoctrinated with Halloween?

Halloween enjoys the occult patronage of secret societies and has sterilized the masses into a mental disability.

Commercialization of Halloween is vulgar, satanic and demeaning to the intellect.


Peter the Disciple

This idiom is taken from the New Testament. When the disciples rowed the boat in the sea they were besieged by a violent storm. At that time Jesus was sitting on the shore. The lamented out loudly. Then Jesus walked on water and as he approached the boat, the disciples thought it was a ghost. Then Peter asked Jesus if you are the messiah, let me walk up to you and Jesus said ‘yes’. Peter walked on water and when he saw that the storm was not abating, he started to sink. Jesus then took hold of him. As an idiom it means rescue from a perilous situation as a result of divine providence.

Example: Peter the disciple has happened in my life many times.

We can be thankful to God when Peter the disciple happens n our lives.