Delilah comes from the Old Testament and she was one who lured a bait on poor Samson after offering him her bed and got hold of the secret as to what is Samson’s strength. Since his strength was in his hair she had it cut off. As an idiom it means succumbing to the evil designs of a seductress.

Examples: There are many Delilahs in today’s society out to plague you with their wile charms.


Samson belongs to the Old Testament known for his vigor in crushing the bastions of the philistines. He was lured Delilah and he bequeathed his the secret of his might and that of long hair. Samson as an idiom means a person who compromises his secrets for sensual pleasures.

Example: There are many Samsons in today’s society.

David’s Sling and Stone

We all know the Biblical incident when the puny David with a sling and stone slayed the mighty Philistine Goliath. For God David was a chosen one and he empowered David to do the mighty deed. As an idiom it means doing the best with meager availability of resources.

Example: I wish I could use David’s sling and stone in all trying circumstances.

Many writers accomplish their works by adopting David’s sling and stone.

From the Fish Mouth

From the Fish mouth comes from the New Testament when Christ asks his disciple to take a coin from the fish mouth to pay taxes to Caesar. Thus we have the golden maxim: ‘give unto Caesar what is his and give unto me what is mine.’ As an idiom it means divine provision for one who is stricken with financial woes.

Example: I pray to Christ for granting me a coin from the fish mouth.

When will the fish mouth occur in my life?

Winning an international jackpot will be a fish mouth for a lucky one.


Sword of the Word

It is said in the New Testament that the word of God is a double edged sword. As an idiom it means the power of the word over brute might.

Example: Mahatma Gandhi the apostle of non violence used the sword of the word in his protest to free Indian from English colonial rule.

Journalists embody the sword of the word when they undertake risk to cover news.

Wall of Jericho

Well all know the famous event of the Israelites who marched seven times around the wall of Jericho and it fell. It was a miraculous feat. As an idiom it means accomplishing things with little or no effort.

Example: Teaching for me is a Wall of Jericho.

Will Israel’s plan to build the temple at the sight of the mosque be a Wall of Jericho?