Emoji Burger

Emoji refers to smileys or emoticons and burgers is the short form for Hamburger. Twitter became a bazaar of shouts with the tweet: why does Google put the cheese of the emoji burger beneath and why apple puts it on top. To my bloody surprise this tweet was re-tweeted and received more than 10000 likes. Why are people obsessed with pseudo cultural avalanches? As an idiom it means satanic deification of the media by a gullible public. Who benefited out of the emoji burger debate: Google (666 Mark of the Beast) and Apple (sinful eating of the fruit)

Example: Emoji Burger a Satanic deification of the media cult by gullible lambs reveals a false entity of individualism caught in the frenzy of media worship.

Emoji Burgers make people cultural misanthropes.

Google and Apple tycoons chuckle and gleam with Satanic relish at emoji bugger syndrome of the sycophantic hoi polloi.



Netsteem is derived from the internet and esteem. As an idiom it means a low self esteem and personality crises of jeopardy. There thousands of Facebook users who keep changing their profile photos, posting selfies and also writing trivia like: ‘I am checking into this airport and that: blah blah blah’.

Example: Netsteem is poor self esteem.

Netsteem people are internally schizoid, cultural mavericks who indulge egotistical personality projection.


For most of you who are not familiar: TATMADAW is the official name for Myanmar’s military. In Myanmar thousands of Rohingya Muslims an ethnic minority are fleeing the cat o’ nine tails imposed by the Junta. As an idiom it means ethnic cleansing of a religious minority by the armed forces.

Example: The Rohingyas bear the brunt of the cruel whip belonging to Tatmadaw

Aung San Su Ki has not raised her fist of democratic protest against the Tatmadaw . .