The Dark Side of Astrology

Truth is stranger than fiction. Yes it is. This happened to me. I used to read astrology columns for sheer sport and fun. Personally I believed it to be crap, a lot of mumbo jumbo, mystic nonsense. The astrology column that I read was Eastern Astrology written in my native language Malayalam. According to Eastern mythology my star is Rohini which is the star of Krishna who is supposed to be a god in India though ironically it brings no talismans for me. I was desperately looking for a job in South East Asia where the East and the West merge incongruously where the unrighteous can celebrate their vices. And that week he predicted that I will land up a job in a place of my desire and all my cravings will be soothed. To my surprise on Tuesday I got an email from a school in Cambodia and soon received a telephonic call in broken English almost gibberish. They told me they will offer 1000$ and airfare and visa have to be managed by me. I have to join by next week. Now how the hell am I going to manage the funds having not a single penny with me? I live on a meager 3$ a day which is more than enough to meet my daily needs. I thought of taking lotteries and took them each day. Having no luck I kept postponing by telling them I am getting delayed by lack of ticket availability. The next week came and the same astrologer said I will lose my job due to lack of fulfilling the desired stipulations. That was on a Sunday as it is a weekly column. I had sent a query to them as to when I should book my tickets? Monday morning I eagerly opened my email at 6:30 AM as Cambodian time is 1 and half hours ahead of Indian time. I was devastated when the HR informed me in a sentence all laden with grammatical errors that his boss had rejected my appointment and I need not book air tickets. Actually I was planning to beg my rich Middle East neighbor as the last option. Is there a demon, an ugly fiendish, brute of beast lurking in astrology or is it merely coincidence. I really don’t know. I learnt my lesson not to dabble in the occult.

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