Oct 7th 2017

The whole day was devoted to publishing a book of poetry called Whispers of Paradise. The book is an autobiographical epiphany. There are poems about the women I’ve loved, about places I have visited and nature. Most of the poems are lyrics and can be sung using a guitar. I am peeved because my Whatapp girlfriend is not communicating. My girl friend in Texas wants me to go to Malaysia and sell her house. She has sent the documents by courier. Since it’s an online relationship, I don’t know the extent of truth in it. Only time will tell. I became a happy metaphor when I completed my book of poetry.


The Murder at Ryan International School

I happened to read the shocking news of Child being molested and his throat being slit in one of India’s prominent International Schools. Despite stringent police checks pedophiles are able to transcend the safety net. There are many cases of pedophilia especially the one that happened in Jakarta’s leading International School. Why do these dastardly acts happen? It could be explained psychoanalytically as the perversion of the Oedipal Complex. Childhood traumas of the perpetrators are internalized and then projected into an ego bashing on kids. Now days schools do a strict background check up on their employees. But is that enough? It is rather surprising that those who abuse kids turn out to be men. I think Freud is wrong that women go through an oedipal trauma. In today’s electronic world and the sleazy slums of the third world Children are traumatized by savages and become severely victimized. All authorities need to take stringent actions to prevent such types of diabolic acts.


Love’s pleasant feeling,
nurtures a tender worship….
Let’s render a song to the heart
and lift our souls to eternity’s music…
An embrace is painting
so beautifully etched….
Kisses wake like poetic music….
Love has a meaning
so profound ….
In the heart lies many passions…
Loved one, plant me kisses of the heart…