Trump’s Enigmatic Hand Symbolism

I am not a conspiracy buff. As I was randomly searching links on Trunk’s links to secret societies, I could come up with no conclusive evidence. However as I go through his hand gestures, I am convinced to think that they are merely outward projections of a power complex. Are they? Or are they done deliberately? I love the catharsis of conspiracy in speculative mania. There’s secretive aura of an eerie halo. Does it portray something as evil or sinister? Or are they random acts of a subconscious expression of super-confidence.


Let’s analyze the first of these hand symbols. Is it a cunning manipulation of the mark of the beast 666, like the one of Google Chrome (so innocently deceptive) or it is merely an ostentatious display of an ego boost? Even I have used it unknowingly to show that something is excellent. I think Trump is a practicing Christian and he though no Saint (ha ha ha) has appointed Christians (Mike Pence conducts Christian classes for all White House and CIA Staff) mostly in his cabinet. I honestly think that he deserves a fair share of innocence as that being Biblical: to be cunning as the Serpent and to be Innocent as the Dove. Is he or is he a maverick with the occult deification of the Illuminati and Satanism.


The second of his hand gestures with Vladimir Putin clearly on the down side shows the Pyramid (an inverted triangle which is also Satanic). I would like to use the Jews who were in Egyptian captivity who learned the mastery of skills especially architecture from them. Israel is a nation, all of Abraham’s real descendents born out of womb of Sarah and who are the most traumatized people. But their exile made them assimilate the best and translate that into a modern Israel all flowing with milk and honey. Is Trump trying to depict the pyramid as the completion of the unfinished one on the 1$ Bill. The black (bit of his pant seen through the pyramid) behind the pyramid can be taken as the all Seeing Eye. Christ was cleverer than the Masons and wiser when he asked his disciple to take the coin from the fish mouth and pay taxes to Caesar. Is Trump trying to tell Putin: Give unto Caesar what is his and give unto me (Christ) what is mine?

God Bless America

Confessions of a Literary Philosophical and Christian Self

I was reading into the institution of marriage which started from ancient Egypt, though the etymological derivation of marriage is Latin which is Latin (maritare), meaning to provide with a husband or wife. Today’s postmodern societies have come to encompass marriage of the identical gender as being perfectly normative. This goes against the Biblical concept that prurience of the same sex is sin and transgression. But again in the Bible it is clear that ‘Judge ye not the speck in another’s eye when you have a speck in your own eyes.’ The wrath of God is clear on the retribution of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes sodomy has ironically its etymology from there. There are also other marriages like polygamy which again is bifurcated into polygyny (keeping more than one wife which is common in Muslim cultures) and polyandry (a wife having more than one husband), a phenomenon rarely to be seen. Thus marriage is an institutional process guaranteed by the sanction and consent of the society.

When there is the institution of marriage, there is also violation of the moral code and that is adultery and fornication. Though it occurs in most societies adultery is a serious crime in Muslim cultures and the penalty is death by stoning. Western democracies have adopted a lenient and permissive view to adultery. However the Christian condemnation of adultery is sin and violation of the moral law. It is ironic that heterosexuality is blatantly permissive in Western democracies while the same society looks with sinister sarcasm and limited acceptance of sexuality of the same gender. The Western media is awesome with the sleaze of sensationalism when celebrities commit adultery and get discovered. This is virulently true of Clinton and Monica. I admit that Hillary has been a gem in acceptance, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Next, I would like to offer a commentary on gay and lesbian prurience. The earliest known records are from Greece and Rome. We have lesbian poems written by the poetess Sappho celebrating lesbian promiscuity. There are also many artistic illustrations showing the same in blatant display. In postmodern societies they have become openly expressive and symbolic with obsessive compulsion of being an obsession as gay culture. Some gay writers go to the malfeasant extent of questioning the very idea of gender being determined by biology. For them gender is a conception produced by History. Yeah my cute lesbians: it’s not a culture shock to be butch or for that matter to role play as the femme. At least from the reproductive point of view there has to be biology for gender. But again in today’s advanced medical and technological society one can opt for sex change. Then again comes the question of trans-gender who forms miniscule of the population. The Biblical view is that it is violation for it is said: they gave up their own bodies to their lust: men with men and women with women. And God gave them up to their reprobate minds. But seeing God in a more democratic way: God loves the sinner and not the sin and grace is acceptance of the divine and forgiveness of carnality. I am not sure whether one can be a gay Christian or for that matter a Christian heterosexual. Yes, one can repent and seek forgiveness. Christ was poignant in his love for Mary Magdalene. All he said was: ‘woman sin no more’.

I was also searching for literature on lesbian voyeurism in  men. The lust of the eye is a term used by St. Paul. To my surprise there exists very scant literature on the topic. I would like to use Laura Mulvey’s scopophila (meaning pleasure of the erotic gaze. Freud becomes a stumbling block because this term neither encompasses the Oedipus nor the Electra complex. It is an emotional, intellectual, and psychological complex born with appetite for a sensual catharsis. Her love is poetry of Eros, passionate, erotic, sublime forcing the tempter into a kind of narcissistic psycho-sexual pleasure. She makes passionate poems and lyric verse out of her.  I seek solace that I will become a vessel yielded to grace and succumb my flesh to the design of the divine. May God grant me reprieve. Amen!


How I happened to Read the Bible


I was fed up with all versions of the Bible as I found the English too Orthodox and dull to stir the adrenaline. Then one day I had a dream and I was told: Read: The Message. I had no clue as to what it meant. Light dawned on me in the morning when I saw at my mother’s table a Bible called the Message. Actually the Bible was gifted by my uncle a strange coincidence. The writer is a Hebrew and Greek Professor emeritus who taught it in a theological seminary and later became a pastor. His diligent and passionate working of the Bible in readable contemporary English fascinated me from the start. I became an avid fan of it. I must thank him for helping me be nourished with God’s word. I must thank Rev. Doctor Eugenie H Peterson. Sir you are a celebrity for me. It is a great honor to read your word. In fact he wrote the Bible for those who are deadened, fossilized or for those-who-don’t care. I love the Americanized English written with unusual startling words that I have never heard before.

Some Types of Faith from the Bible

First of all I would like to explain the types of faith that I obtained from my simple reading of the Bible. One is loyal faith. We find it in abundance in the Biblical Patriarch Abraham and also in Joseph and Daniel and David. Abraham had to wait a hundred years before Sarah conceived and she was ninety. The whole History of the Jewish Nation can be traced to this Father. Abraham did not question why and what and how? Similarly when Daniel was asked to worship pagan idols he bowed his head only to the one and only one God Jehovah. Daniel was cast in the den of lions, in fire but God miraculously released from all his tribulations. Daniel’s faith can also be called as a faith of test. So was Joseph betrayed by his brothers, treacherously put in prison by Pothphar’s who wanted to bed with him and his faith was tested and he was showed that he was uncompromising. So is the case with Job whose faith was tested with mental, physical and emotional massacre. Next let’s examine the faith of the disciples when they were journeying by boat and encountered turbulent waters and the storm. They became afraid and woke Jesus up. Jesus told them that in spite of being close to him their faith were weak and sickly. Next let’s examine the faith of the woman who was hemorrhaging. She merely touched the garb of Jesus and was healed. This is the faith of belief and conviction. Let’s examine the faith of the Centurion whose servant was dying. He did not even want Jesus to come to his house as he felt it unbecoming of him to invite the master. Here also the working of faith is one of belief and conviction. The Bible defines faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.


Demoid is a neologism/idiom coined from Democracy and Schizoid. The afflatus for this creation comes from Catalonia who wants to become an independent nation, freely unfettered from Spain. Spain has taken blustering steps to prevent their dissent and disassociation. Demoid as an idiom and a neologism refers to authoritarianism bequeathed in manacles by a Democracy to prevent secession of its territory, province or state.

Example: Spain’s attempt to sully and ditch Catalonia’s secession of becoming a free democratic country is a Demoid.

Oct 28th 2017

I am suffering from chronic insomnia and bipolar disorder. Finally I have decided to take stopping psychotic medication and sleeping pills. Read the Bible and prayed to Christ, took some hot Guava tea and honey and that did the trick. Slept peacefully, was able to wake fresh early morning. Early morning while writing this article, I listen to Greek Orthodox Church chant, the Byzantine one. It is really soul soothing. Did not read any Philosophy for a day. I do not know why I waver from atheism to belief. Is it my bipolarity? Even John Paul Sartre the greatest existential atheist philosopher whom I have great regard while on his death bed went through an acute reconciliation. While reading the Bible to disprove it, one becomes more enlightened to its profound meaning. While reading the Parable of the Sower I encountered a metanoia. Let’s see what the parable of the sower says. Let’s examine what this parable says. Christ talks of three types of seed falling in different palaces. The first seed fell on open ground and the birds came and ate it up. This could mean that the seed had no foundation to grow. The second seed fell upon gravel and then it failed to sprout from there. The third seed grew among weeds and when seed grew the weeds chocked it out. The fourth type of seed grew on good ground and yielded good fruit. The first example is an illustration of wavering of faith. When the base of faith is shaken by trials and storms the fruit of the word becomes ejected from the consciousness of our being. I strongly do not believe that there is a nothingness in consciousness. The second example is one of temptation and the removal of purity and divinity. The third example shows a dissolute and reprobate mind. The fourth example shows adherence and obedience and faith in the living word of God imparted through his Son Christ. In theory it is easy but in practice it is difficult. Is a spiritual meaning higher than a linguistic and philosophical one? I am genuine seeker for truth but I am not perfect. Parables reveal rich spiritual insight. I am touched and my heart is moved to tears of repentance. I am in the state of fear and trembling: that experienced by Kierkegaard the theologian and Christian existential philosopher.

The Dark Side of Astrology

Truth is stranger than fiction. Yes it is. This happened to me. I used to read astrology columns for sheer sport and fun. Personally I believed it to be crap, a lot of mumbo jumbo, mystic nonsense. The astrology column that I read was Eastern Astrology written in my native language Malayalam. According to Eastern mythology my star is Rohini which is the star of Krishna who is supposed to be a god in India though ironically it brings no talismans for me. I was desperately looking for a job in South East Asia where the East and the West merge incongruously where the unrighteous can celebrate their vices. And that week he predicted that I will land up a job in a place of my desire and all my cravings will be soothed. To my surprise on Tuesday I got an email from a school in Cambodia and soon received a telephonic call in broken English almost gibberish. They told me they will offer 1000$ and airfare and visa have to be managed by me. I have to join by next week. Now how the hell am I going to manage the funds having not a single penny with me? I live on a meager 3$ a day which is more than enough to meet my daily needs. I thought of taking lotteries and took them each day. Having no luck I kept postponing by telling them I am getting delayed by lack of ticket availability. The next week came and the same astrologer said I will lose my job due to lack of fulfilling the desired stipulations. That was on a Sunday as it is a weekly column. I had sent a query to them as to when I should book my tickets? Monday morning I eagerly opened my email at 6:30 AM as Cambodian time is 1 and half hours ahead of Indian time. I was devastated when the HR informed me in a sentence all laden with grammatical errors that his boss had rejected my appointment and I need not book air tickets. Actually I was planning to beg my rich Middle East neighbor as the last option. Is there a demon, an ugly fiendish, brute of beast lurking in astrology or is it merely coincidence. I really don’t know. I learnt my lesson not to dabble in the occult.