Sept. 23rd 2017

The day was an ordinary day. Took English classes for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The choice of topics are pretty boring. I’m not able to discuss my ideas of postmodernism and literary theory with kids. The stuff that I read is kept in my mind. I felt so disappointed when the lottery results came and to my consternation, I did not win even a single prize. Had to meet an anxious parent whose kid had got low grades. I boosted his morale saying that I will work hard with the kid. I thought of reading a book but felt too tired to do it. In the afternoon had lunch at a local restaurant which consisted of Barottas and beef curry. Barottas are made with flour. I had to delete a lot of unwanted mails in yahoo. Got a letter from my girl friend in Texas who is Malay. She can’t go to Malaysia for political reasons. She asked me whether I can go on her behalf and sell her house there and then she will join me in India. I don’t have the funds to go to Malaysia. I have taken a lottery ticket today and I hope to win a prize so that I can go to Malaysia. The sky bloomed in impressionism in the evening. Watching the sunset was like making love to a woman. Now it’s dark and I am sitting on my computer typing. I seriously wonder where the world is heading to. There is a philosophical and spiritual bankruptcy in the world. My Whatsapp girl friend is not responding to my messages. Got a call from Australian International school in Dakha and they told me that I was a fitting candidate for teaching English. They told me to add their contact in Skype. After that there was no follow up. I work for a menial salary in my mother’s school. I want to get away from my wife’s bossy temperament. I find it difficult to make both ends meet.

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