Sept 19th 2017

Bloody fuck …I had to deactivate my Facebook ac. The simple reason is a fuck up from irate parents who are displeased with my writing. All art lies in transgression and there are no moral codes to stimulate art. Are in writing is my passion and I am strongly influenced by the Philosophy of Avant Gardism. I receive online letters from my girl friend in Texas. She apparently suffers from an anxiety neurosis. She had a bad relationship in the past. By constant dialogue I am trying to rejuvenate her emotions. She appreciates my sensitive words and is slowly tuning to my inner soul. She is many years younger than me. I have a date tomorrow at Cochin and I am all excited. After all something is better than nothing. Was reading through Plato’s dope in the History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. Plato’s Republic though intended to be a democracy favors elitism of the upper classes. Women and Plebeians were restrained from voting. Plato’s allegory of the cave where men are imprisoned but able to see a light beyond the wall refers to the theory of forms which contrasts between appearance and reality. Beyond the appearance of things there is an ideal world of forms. Plato’s idea hints at the beginning foundations for Christianity. I admire Socrates so much for having refused all plans to escape. Why was Socrates condemned to death for corrupting the youth of the day? Socrates’ famous maxim is ‘know thy self’. I have kept many books that I want to read but lack of time jeopardizes my venture. My Whatsapp girl friend is married and comes from a conservative family. She remained incommunicado for many days. I was finally relieved when said her in-laws are at home. Once she called me to come to her home at 10:30 in the night. I misjudged the timing and became late. There goes an amorous opportunity. I hate it when kids come to me for half mark additions. Dammed, I am only human. The poem that I taught today was boring. So also was the story of a long nose.