Indore Memoir

Recently I happened to be traveling from Kerala to Indore by flight. I love airports all meshed in steel and glass… I could see flights takeoff and landing as easy as birds flying. The onward flight was smooth. It was a pleasure for me to pee in the plane. I observed how urine passed from my phallus at high altitudes. Watching the flight attendants wearing minis and stockings was a pleasurable oedipal fantasy. It’s long time since I’ve seen women wearing minis. Looking at their glamorous legs, their sensuous calves gave me a passion which burst the wings of my heart. I also thank the Indian Govt. for providing smoking zones in the airport. The burst of power while takeoff made me feel as though my body is jerking like a tornado. Soon the plane landed in Indore. I was greeted by father-in-law at the airport. The reason for going to Indore was that my father-in-law was having a pacemaker implanted in his heart. Soon the operation got over and he was quickly recovering. I watch the women of Indore with glee. Some of them wore sleeveless kurtas. They looked pretty attractive. On our return journey, the weather was turbulent. The plane was swinging to and fro like a rocking horse. I landed in the airport in the night. The driver came to receive me. I also had the fortune to taste some good Indore food, especially Rumali Rotti, (a very thin chappati made of wheat) and sumptuous mutton curry. Indore days are a grandiose memoir.



I came to the departure terminal with my wife and kid and sat down beside gate 28. All of a sudden, a man sitting beside me shouted: ‘hello Anand and Susan’. I became glum, sullen and moody and ruminative. There was an attractive bar beside the lounge called ‘Heaven’s Paradise’. I nourished the thoughts of having some booze. But then my thoughts sank. I could be straightaway taken to the psychiatric hospital. The bastard in the lounge was my psychiatrist. I put my tongue on my lips and licked in vain. What an obscene coincidence is this?


The sky
Is Picasso’s Brush…
Gleaming gold and pink…
I watch eclipsed in a dream…
Conversing silently about
Life’s journey through art….
The fading sun is
Like Chopin’s rendition…
The clouds look
Like surreal scratches ….
Van Gogh paints
The sky in
Pulchritude ….
Dusk is a dream
Of the heart…
A lover’s paradise
To clasp hands…
Time moves like
An echo of music…
The clouds have broken into
Streams of colors ….
Night is set in
Like a magician’s
Black wand.


You string of pearls,
Let me cover you
With melt kisses
Of a flower…
An embrace is a
Guitar playing
Let’s share the
Altar of love
And make
Sweet passion.
Let me melt in
Your lake
And flow you to
Petals of ecstasy.


You darling,
love’s blossomed flower….
Your nectar is
a beatitude of passion…
In you I seek comfort and refuge….
In you I seek tidings of love….
My love for you
weighs all the sand
on the earth ….
My love for you
is earnest passion….
You are my mate
you rose of a new dawn….
You shine like the stars of the sky….
I give all my love to you….
I yield my heart to you in earnestness
I love you


you morn’s dew ….
cast your kisses in me….
Drench in me
your oasis of passion….
Share with me
your heart’s secrets….
Would love to whisper
in your ears
many times
the song of love…..
Would love to hear you
moan in passion
and soak you
in sweet ecstasy…..