Indian Middle Class Masala

I live in a joint family with a divorced sister and her two daughters staying with me. We all earn our living from a school started by my deceased father. I also have another sister whose husband does not work. The school though not big has got a strength of 360. Basically I work for very meager wages. I have to live on 200$ a month. This is just enough to cover my coffee and cigarettes. Both of my sisters and their husbands are eager to grab the school. I have a wife who constantly has a spat with my sisters. All the sister’s children get free education in the school. My brother in law who does not work is a bum. He constantly nurses his grievances to my wife by Whatsapp. He uses examples from the Bible to show that he is isolated and wants a share in the school. My sisters are not qualified to head the school. My mother keeps silent wanting to please all and injure none. I am quite worried as I don’t have a penny in savings and I need money for my daughter to go to medical school. My wife is paranoid about dogs. My divorced bro in law as sent two dogs to be kept as pets in the house. His greedy claws want to take-over the school. Luckily my mother has written the school in my name. When my sisters come to know a storm will brew in the house.

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