Art-Key-Types derived from art and archetypes are narratives or developed worldviews of art. In Literature artkeytypes are Streams of consciousness narratives and in art artkeyetypes are surrealism, impressionism and cubism. Postmodernism is an artkeytype of Philosophy.


Litsatsy is from Literature and Ecstasy. Litstasy is a form of intellectual and aesthetic catharsis derived from reading and writing.
Example: Litsatsy is a passion for writing.

Tarot Reader

The Tarot reader was in his room when a youth approached him asked him to do a reading…He shuffled the cards and got the tower…The youth asked: ‘what’s the card?’ He replied: ‘I am afraid it’s the tower and a man falling from it’. ‘Ha’ Ha’ Ha’ …laughed the youth hysterically and drew the stiletto into the man’s belly killing him instantly. ‘Yes revenge is sweet for having slept with my mother’…thought the youth.

Dream Journal August 20th 2017

I did not take sleeping pills. I dreamed of sleeping in my deceased grand-dad’s house…There was a guest in the house and it happened to be my significant other a Filipino woman. She was in the guest room and it had door connected to my room. We made passionate love all through the night. Then I dreamed on being a Writer …but the dream broke up into fragments. Then while I was travelling, I was asking the way and all the people were giving me wrong directions….