I was unable to sleep. Had a dream of copulating with my wife for a very long time. Yes the dream was enjoyable as I was able to give my wife many orgasms. Its exam time here and I have started marking English scripts. It’s sheer existential boredom as the scripts were littered with grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. I corrected a few but grew bored by the process and the rest I just put red-lines underneath. I wonder how I can impart the mastery of my language to kids. The new generation kids are prone to selfies, LOL’s and U’s. But when it comes to plain writing of English they end up being disastrous monsters.


I am thinking of Ahriman, the demon in Zoroastrian religion and Rudolf Steiner’s depiction of him. I have developed a soft corner in my heart for him.


It is the beginning of Onam festival and women have started wearing (SETTU) Sarees, sarees white with gold borders.  They look so ravishing in it. While correcting, reading or writing, I tend to smoke a lot of cigarettes. My lover has invited me to her apartment on Sunday and I am very excited. Saw black cat ambling down the school ground. I thought maybe its good luck.


 . I carry the 1$ Bill in my purse as talisman. The Masonic inscription of the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid is awesome in symbolic meaning. I am in need of some money about three lakh rupees to pay my employees before the school closes for Onam. May be with Ahriman’s help, I can win a lottery tomorrow. Morning was boring but afternoon soared my spirits with my lover’s message.

Myth of the Sisyphus

Camus popularized the myth of Sisyphus in his book and it means living the drudgery of existence. In the myth Sisyphus is forced to roll a boulder uphill to find out that it rolls down again. The Myth of the Sisyphus as an idiom means living an ironic life.


As a writer: I live the life of Sisyphus.

For Camus life offered no meaning and it was for him a Sisyphus.