Metaphysical Attributes

Metaphysics in the past was transcendental and attributed to something related to God. Ontology and Phenomenology have brought it down and integrated into the concept of being Here I would like to focus on certain metaphysical themes like Wisdom, Epistemology, love, hatred, envy and covetousness.
What do mean by Wisdom? Socrates: said ‘know thy self’. The question is how the self can be known? After the psychology of Lacan we understand that there is no stable self. The human has to tight-rope-walk on or maneuver between the ID, EGO and the Super-ego. Wisdom in religious terms is connoted to God the Supreme Being. It said in the Bible: ‘ask of me and I shall give you wisdom’. But that is a symbolic kind of vagueness. Is Wisdom Sapiential? Is Wisdom the factual rendering of thoughts into ideas? What ultimate meaning can we connote with Wisdom? Is Wisdom related to language as Signs, Metaphors and Metonymies? Is the attainment of Salvation in Christianity and Nirvana in Buddhism and Hinduism the hallmark of Wisdom? Wisdom could be celebration of ideas.
How do we incorporate Epistemology or the theory of Knowledge into a Metaphysical realm? One has to ponder about the ideas stated by Knowledge. For example, from psycho analysis we know that dreams are the product of unsatisfied desires. We also know the existence of various states of the mind like the ID, EGO and Super Ego. Structural thought has introduced the concept of the Sign with that of the Signifier and the Signified. The post-structuralists created the Binary division of language. From facts, ideas are born these become the various knowledge systems of epistemology.
What is love? Christian philosophy has distinguished between three facets of love and they are Agape, Eros and Philos. Here Agape refers to the love of God which is unconditional and characterized by Grace. Though we are undeserving, we are privileged to receive Agape. Eros is sexual love and based on the body’s primeval urges. But the problem with Eros is that it is short lived. Once orgasm is reached Eros dies in a grave. There is also another kind of love that is eleemosynary love. Here love is meant by being charitable and helping others. Mother Teresa is an exemplary example of this love. The desire to love is metaphysical and transcendental.
Next I would like to focus on Hatred. Hatred though not a popular theme is also metaphysical. Hatred is a natural emotion. World religions are against hating someone. But in existential philosophy hatred is an attribute of consciousness. Hatred is a process of overcoming angst and entering into the stream of negation. Hatred is not a disease but a therapy for mental healing. One can overcome meaning’s suicide. To hate is to be in the philosophy of existential nihilism.
Envy though no doubt an undesirable trait can be a positive one in the Philosophy of consciousness. Why does envy arise? Envy is the product of a Capitalist Consumerist Society. Such a society gives rise to inequality. Philosophy has to contemplate whether an ideal Utopia can be created. Today we live in a world of Dystopia and envy is a functional behavioral mode of expressing that desires lie unsaturated.
Same is the case with covetousness. Today we are living in a world moral and ethical relativism. Covetousness is born out the greed of the EGO. We are all covetous creatures of desire. If Democracy becomes socialist universally than there would be no covetousness. But we live in democracies of imperfections.