Biography of a Fallen Actor

I am the Super Star of Mollywood (Malayalam Film Industry). I am a fallen goat. There was a bitch actress who slandered me to my wife saying that I was having an illegitimate affair which is also partly true. I hired a quotation team (thugs) to molest her by blockading her car and hijacking it. They did the same meticulously. Later on the quotation team got arrested by the Police. From Jail they started black mailing me for more money. Then I complained to the police, that I was being blackmailed. The cops grilled me for hours and the statements I made did not corroborate and they arrested me. Now I am in jail with petty criminals. The judiciary does not draw a fine line with rape and molestation. I am also denied bail by the highest court of Kerala. Do I have the right to feel angry or sorry? When I am taken to the court my own fans boo and mock at me in derision. I have been ousted from the film makers association. Come on, the bitch was only molested, not raped. I have every right to take my own sweet revenge. I end by quoting Sartre: ‘Man is condemned to be free’.

Hong Kong

It’s prejudice among South East Asians to accept Native Speakers to teach English. They might not even have the requisite qualifications but still they are preferred. Whites’ form a privileged term and colored and blacks are marginalized. While during an interview in Hong Kong I was asked about my teaching experiences. After uttering a sentence, I was dismissed. Before the interview they had promised to reimburse the airfare. But to my consternation they did not! I lost a lot of money and ended up home penny less. I do not have any regrets but Asians fail to recognize Asian talent. I was hoping to my heart that the panel would ask me questions on Literature and English. But my hopes sank. At least those bastards could have paid me back my airfare.

Choosing Abraham

Choosing Abraham as an idiom is related to the Old Testament Patriarch Abraham who made love to his maid Hagar when his wife did not conceive. After his wife conceived he abandoned her and her son Ishmael.

As an idiom it means abandoning a significant other for the sake of family interests.


In my life, if I am going to take up a new career in South East Asia, I won’t be a choosing Abraham.

We come across many choosing Abrahams in our life.