The Book of Imagination

Recently I got the idea to write a novella, a work of fiction based entirely on thought. To write is to become a metaphor. Will I be fanciful, ornamental and magical? I don’t know where to begin…To write is to become God…When you read me, you kill me as the death of the author. There is a monster moving my hand … Every stroke is a metaphysical ellipse. Words become scattered like fangs. Thought becomes submerged in an eclipse. Ideas bang their heads on the wall. I will create an end: ode to a hyperbole in the suspension of belief…a requiem where a voice speaks to a wreath, a synesthetic trope. I am writing now….fanciful, ornamental and picturesque.

World’s Shortest Epic

He wonders at other writers: how do they write books? One person told him, to be a writer, you must read all the books in the word. How can that be possible? Finally he decided to write the shortest epic in the World. “He is in , and nearing a .” Thus ends the epic, a stoic ornament.


Yes, it’s word that I coined. To tell you the fact I dread cops. The moment I see a cop jeep in front of me, I slow down. I become so anxious. I wonder, have I done murder, have I done rape, have I been burglar? No, none of these things. Yet my heart beats 10000 times louder. Today I saw a cop jeep pass by my house. Immediately, the fear, are these ass***** going to enter my house. I am seized with a trauma. I wonder are they coming to arrest me. I don’t know why I have this fear… I dread their uniform and everything thing about them. Recently I wrote something rude to a woman in Whatsapp and she threatened me that she will complain to the cyber cops. Thank heavens she did not! Recently I got down from a bus and lit a cigarette. There was a car parked a little distance away from me. Now smoking is banned in public places. As I stubbed it out and walked to the car …I was taken aback. It was written “police”! The cops all ladies gave me a sound ticking off. I was lucky that they did not book me. I am not at all comfortable with cops. Yes, I am a copOphobian. It is written in front of all Police Stations of Kerala: “People Friendly Police”. I don’t know whether to smile or laugh. I wonder is the handcuff people friendly!