Native Speaker of English

Most of the international schools in Asia and South East Asia: publish an advertisement: ‘Wanted only Native Speakers of English from USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia’. When I read it I feel a tinge of regret. I am from India and India has been colonized by the British since the 18th century. I wonder in what way my English is inferior. Yes, I am filled with jealousy and bitterness. Indian English has got its own reputed standard and many English words like juggernaut and mulligatawny have their roots enmeshed in India. Asians are very colonial minded and even after independence their mindset has not changed. There are many writers of India who are reputed. To deny selection for the teaching of English is mental barbarism and cultural chauvinism. I feel so depressed and letdown when I read such ads.


Author: Anand Bose

I am a Hellenic Philistine driven by the mad pursuit of aestheticism, an existential nihilist and post modern deconstructionist. I am also a Christian Apologist.

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