The monsoon has begun like a blossomed flower. Rivulets are breaking down in the road and flowing melodiously. School has reopened and kids go to the school with raincoats and umbrellas. The backwaters of Kerala are serene with drenched storks idling on trees. The paddy fields are drenched and soaked. Frogs have started croaking. Heard a child reading Indian History of the 18th century, the Revolt of 1857.The revolt of 1857 started as a military upsurge against the British which became a mass movement. The child was reading the causes of the result. I was startled to realize that some of the causes that caused the revolt were in fact positive. One was spread of English Education in India and the other was the abolition of SATI a practice that required a woman to burn herself in the funeral pyre if her husband died. Another cause was the allowance made for widow remarriage. If India was not colonized, India would have still remained a backward country. The positive impacts of British rule need a rewriting of Indian Historiography. Cobwebs swim lazily against the wall. I am greeted by the musty odor of paint. I am reading a book on Indian Philosophy and I want to write my reflections on it. I am particularly fond of the Caravaka School which denied the existence of God and emphasized the pursuit of materialism. Indian philosophy was quite advanced at a point of time but by the 18th century it declined.