Eccocentric is an idiom which is coined from the words: eccentric and esoteric. As an idiom it refers to an imagination of a hyperbolic belief.

Example: The conspiracy cult adheres to eccocentric view that unfinished pyramid and the all seeing in the 1$ Bill of USA represents the coming of the Anti Christ.

Umberto Eco’s Novel: Foucault’s Pendulum is Eccocentric!

Plot is Boiling

The idea for this idiom came to me as a flash when I was reading the story of Saki: A Shot in Dark for eighth graders. Saki is notoriously famous for creating a twist at the end of the story to surprise his readers. In this story: the woman in the story changed the color of her hair from brown to blonde. The story is a lengthy narrative with a man travelling in a train and meeting the son of this lady and another acquaintance. The narrative had little relationship to the plot of the story.
Plot is boiling as an idiom refers to a narrative ploy of the author to create a plot in the end which is very unconvincing to the reader. Potboilers disgustingly adopt this posture.

Example: Jeffery Archer is a villain that sets his stories pot boiling.

The hoi polloi are attracted to pot boiling stories.

For me the aesthetic and philosophical thoughts in fiction are more important than plot is boiling.


Biblology as an idiom refers to things which are not scientifically verifiable. This is true about the Birth of Jesus, he being a messianic God, his ministry and performance of miracles, his death and resurrection. For a Christian believer, all these assumed to be true by faith. An atheist or a skeptic would refute all of it outright. But it is amazing that the gospel written by four different people reveal much the same thing.

Example: Biblology of the life of Christ can be resuscitated only by faith and belief and not by rationality.

Skeptics disprove Biblology.

On Art and Nietzsche

The philosopher Nietzsche has said that art occurs when the Apollonian and the Dionysian elements merge. Nietzsche has used music that is the Apollonian melody and the Dionysian rhythm and beat to represent all categories of Art. Adding on to Nietzsche, I would like to say that the merger of the Apollonian and the Dionysian is not a perfect one. All art is not the perfect but has got only degrees of perfection.